The Hindu God Hanuman

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You've heard about the monkey-physician Hanuman

In the Hindu religion, Hanuman is a very important figure. In the story, Hanuman flies to the north and lands on the Himalayas. He has learned that medicine herbs glow with their own special light. When Hanuman lands on the mountain, the entire mountain is filled with the herbs, each emitting its own light.

His origin

Although the exact origin of Hanuman is unclear, there is some evidence to suggest that he was born from a combination of apsaras and vanaras. According to the Ramayana, Hanuman was the son of Anjana and Kesari. According to the legend, Anjana had a 12-year wait to give birth to Hanuman after begging the god Shiva for the child. The child was later redeemed from the curse by the king Kesari, the son of rahu and Sumeru.

His powers

Lord Hanuman's powers are countless and esoteric. His abilities range from reducing his size to increasing his weight to commanding animals. His ability to control nature has given him the ability to acquire anything. This makes Hanuman a powerful god-like being, capable of creating and destroying at will. As one of the most powerful deities in Hinduism, Hanuman has been deified and worshipped.

His appearance

In Hindu mythology, Hanuman's appearance is described as pleasing to the eye. He has a beautiful face, perfect diction and elegant speech. He also possesses perfect manners and is knowledgeable in the three Vedas. His father gave him a great deal of speed and wisdom. His father also gave him a gift of shapeshifting, which allowed him to increase his size at will. In short, Hanuman's appearance is very similar to that of Ram.

His significance in Hinduism

In Hinduism, Hanuman's role in the Ramayan is significant. This deity embodies the ideal mind. In the Ramayan, Hanuman and Sita are pictured trampling the body of a woman. The woman is said to be Parvati, the personification of evil astrological influences. Hanuman's significance in Hinduism extends beyond the Ramayan, however.

His cult

The current high priest of Hanuman in Zamboula is Totrasmek, a mixed-race man who plays an active role in city politics. The cult's followers believe that Totrasmek protects the royal court and devotees. The cult is rooted in Hinduism, but its beliefs go beyond its origins. Its followers believe in Hanuman's powers as a slayer of demons.

His myth

The legend of Hanuman's childhood is an ancient Hindu myth, probably much older than most people believe. The Hindu version is based on Jain texts and tells of a man named Hanuman who is burned to ashes due to the sun's heat. The gods gather the ashes and reassemble him out of the fish and land. The story is not entirely clear, but the Hindu version is often considered the most authentic.

His significance in Jain cosmology

In the Jain cosmology, Lord Hanuman is the symbol of purity and ahimsa. He is also associated with the planet Saturn, which took a leave of absence seven and a half years ago. Devotion to Hanuman can lessen Saturn's ill effects. Saturn is considered one of the karakas (spiritual teachers) in the Jain cosmology.

August 26, 2022

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