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The House of Mango Street Review Essay

Personal life has been a query that has not been satisfactorily resolved in the long run for various individuals. It's a story that hasn't been told in many decades. However, for various individuals, life can be seen in a broad sense. It includes factors such as stereotyping, which can be described as treating one man as if he were all men of the same character. ‘‘The House of Mango Lane," is a novel and a book that aims to elucidate various aspects of life from various perspectives. The book's author attempts to use his or her experience of storytelling to evoke various concepts and communicate them to the audience. He has used the personal life of the first person to communicate the intended message to the audience. The thesis of ‘‘to have a precise personal understanding,’’ and ‘‘to have characters as learned from other,’’ have been discussed deeply in the novel. By using the first person, the author tries to use his life understanding to relate them to the lives of other people in his or other settings.

Sandra Cisneros on the topic, ‘‘A Smart Cookie,’’ literates that, ‘‘I could’ve been somebody, you know? My mother says and sighs.’’ (Sandra, 90) The cloze is a good illustration of how the author has used the space in people borrows ideas of characters of the thinking and description of others. His mother can communicate from different languages which is a leaf the author is trying to borrow. ‘‘Today while cooking oatmeal she is Madame Butterfly until she and points the wooden spoon at me. I could’ve been somebody, you know?’’ (Sandra, 91) The author seems to always relate his life to the saying of his mother.

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September 01, 2021

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