The Impact of Hurricane Harvey

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The worst of all disasters struck the residents of Texas. As the year 2017 was approaching a close, citizens stretching from Tennessee to Louisiana got a disaster that ultimately affected their life. Now it's more than five months down the line and the people affected have not yet to receive the much-needed help to help them resume normality in their lives. The Hurricane Harvey is one of the furious cyclones in the history of America, with recorded damage to property and residence of the population sky high.

Besides the devastating damage that can be worth billions of dollars, Hurricane Harvey left a large population homeless, depressed and even lost the members of the family who perished in the crisis. An alarmingly large number which is higher than 13 million people were affected in one way or the other. Hurricane Harvey, therefore, was a disaster that shocked not only America but also the entire world to know the dangers that mother nature can pause.

Also, the flooding that resulted from the hurricane led to the displacement of thousands of people who were mostly evacuated to safer havens to await help from organizations and the government. Facilities were swollen beyond their standard capacities as the evacuated persons were very many and in dire need of humanitarian support from the emergency units of the government and other corporate and non-governmental organizations across Texas and America. Even the process of doing evacuations was greatly hindered since the roads were either flooded or destroyed by the cyclone.

Additionally, the process of offering support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey was marred by some injustices and some degree of laxity from the parties involved. The Federal Emergency Management Agency tried its best, but it barely met the expectations of people. A whopping 700 thousand victims needed help to at least try to give them a semblance of normality and a sense of hope. Imagine the losses businesses, individuals and even organizations suffered as their livelihood and assets were either swept away or brought down to the rubble.

Albeit the emergency management units playing its part to give the devastated people hope some shortcomings make the process to be below par in offering satisfactory and just services to the group in the crisis. We are also beholden to give proper credence to the trial of the support teams that gave their best. On the other hand, we can blame the current political squabbles in America for the delay in approving the $81 billion budget that the Congress set aside for the emergency fund to give the victims support. Politics has played a role in affecting the level of urgency that the issue could have been presented.

In a nutshell, support for victims of Hurricane Harvey was not a useful endeavor as some cases of discrimination, bias and favoritism are evident. Some regions received better treatment than others. The different support is only claimed to be a result of some parts being hard hit. Also, the body in charge of emergency ought to ensure that in future it is more prepared to tackle such challenges of injustices whenever they occur. There are American citizens whose property was destroyed, homes damaged and family members died as an aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, such people deserve equality in humanitarian support.

August 01, 2023




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