The Impact of Social Interaction on Brain Development and Intelligence

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Humans are social beings with the ability to connect with each other and also by themselves. The introduction and development of technology has made it possible for people to interact with each other more efficiently. When people interact, they develop good values that act to improve their intellectual power and positive social qualities. In this paper, I am going to tackle the impact of social interaction with brain development and intelligence. Maria Konnikova has been directly involved to unravel the relationship between human brain developments with its environment. One such significant point to note is that intellectual power increases with the increase in social interaction.

Friendship limits

Dunbar set out to unravel the idea behind why humans and generally primates at large take a lot of time for self-grooming. In his quest to unravel the mystery behind this phenomena, he noticed that primates that interacted more with each other had bigger and much better brains than those primates that are not social. In addition, he noted that the more the interaction the higher the intellectual power. The development of social media has enabled people to meet even more friends leading to the expansion of their social base. Such media platforms are the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. Social media platforms are seen to change the way people interact with each other. Such that there is no physical emotions express as the way people may be talking physically looking each other in the eyes. Moreover, nowadays people are seen to spend many hours in a day on the social media platforms and lesser hours interacting with their close social groupings. This has led to the increase of social gaps amongst people of the social group. For instance, a study by Nicole Ellison, Michigan State University researcher, found out that the number of followers one has in the social media platforms does not fully translate to the actual friend that one has in the real life situation. Nicole found out the average person has about three hundred friends but the number of actual friends they keep in touch with is only seventy-five.

The Social Media Impact

The social media has also helped people to keep in touch with friends who would otherwise disappear. An individual is able to track the existence of a large number of people without losing track. This comes with the need to invest in social resources so as to be able to keep the social acquaintances. Of such particular social resource is time, an individual has to budget their time well to be able to keep up with each of their friends in the social media platforms.

The article by Nick Paumgarten, “we are camera” depicts the excitement that comes when people interact with nature. This shows humans to be social beings and get excited with their interaction with nature. During the adventure of photography in the nature, an individual is seen to depict different qualities that include; film making, brand, content creator among other attributes. The purpose of the trips people make is to capture the nature as the life we are living is considered to be a footage of interesting activities going on that might never be repeated.

Capturing of the daily living is made possible by the camera. Though small, a camera will be able to capture everything in focus once pointed in the required direction and something good is then able to be captured.

Woodman invention proved to be worthwhile although he had never imagined the abilities of his camera in the social world that we are living in today. His invention is today used largely in the ever growing social media platforms and is seen to play a central role. Through the social media platforms, people are seen to share photographs of them to their friends and relatives. Friends are able to keep up with each other. All these is thanks to the camera which is essentially required for capturing the life footage. Social inclusivity is therefore possible to be realized with the help of the GoPro invention. The innovation can be seen as a connector between what transpires in the real world with what happens in the virtual social media platforms world.

GoPro as a case study camera, has been seen to attract many people all over the world. For instance, it is worth noting that over the last five years, videos posted by social media users utilizing the GoPro camera has attracted about five hundred million views. This is a significant number as many people have been able to get to meet each other over the social media platforms. The social media interaction is therefore seen to be growing steadily over the past few years. The social bond between individuals is seen to be promoted even further.


From the paper it is evident that improvement of technology has brought people even closer than ever before. Technology has played a vital role in ensuring the long lost bonds are restored and newer bonds created. However, the bad that comes along with technology is that as newer bonds may be formed, our close physical circle of friends may diminish if not checked.

September 11, 2023

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