The Impact of Technology-Mediated Communication at Workplace

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The Impact of Technology-Mediated Communication on Interpersonal Relationships at the Workplace

The use of technology-mediated communication at the workplace has become common in modern times. However, just like any other changes introduced to replace or supplement the traditional way of doing things, the new form of communication has had a number of effects on the interpersonal relationship at workplace. The discussion to follow looks at how the new form communication has impacted the dynamics at the workplace, its benefits, challenges and lastly, how to solve the challenges.

Effects on Interpersonal Dynamics

First, the technology-mediated communication has affected how people relate at workplace. Unlike in the past where people would interact and communicate one on one, the new form of communication seeks to promote communication without a physical interaction (Leonardi, Huysman, & Steinfield, 2013). This is the main impact of interpersonal dynamic of technology-assisted communication at workplace. However, there are a number of benefits as well as disadvantages of the new mode of communication.

Benefits and Challenges

Firstly, with technology-assisted communication, passing information over long distances is no longer an issue and can be sent to as many members as possible (Myers, & Sadaghiani, 2010). Additionally, the new mode makes it possible for communication to be conducted any time the parties involved deem fit. On the other hand, studies show that the new form has been associated with negative behaviors such as bullying, use of harsh words, as well as threats (Gilman, 2015). The other disadvantage is the reduction of the healthy relationship that is diluted by the lack of physical interaction when communicating through the new mode unlike the traditional one. To overcome these challenges, the best way would be to put up policies that would inhibit negative behaviors and have occasional meetings to improve the relationship existing at workplace.

Solutions and Conclusion

The discussion has illustrated that technology-mediated communication has reduced the physical interactions at the workplace and promoted negative behaviors while passing information. Its main advantages, however, are to make it possible for communication to take place across long distances and to a lot of people. The best way to use the new form of communication would be to solve the negative effects that come with it by putting in place the appropriate policies.


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January 19, 2024


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