The Importance of Biotechnology

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Biotechnology is applicable in solving energy and environmental issues by the modification of the natural biological processes of living organisms. The organisms include both animals and plants. That results in the improvement of life in general (Bail, Falkner & Marquard 2014, p. 67).

Energy conservation is highly enhanced through biotechnology. Biological processes are used in streamlining the manufacturing processes by a big percentage, therefore, reducing harmful chemical emissions. In laundry, the level of temperature required is reduced by the use of biotechnology resulting in energy conservation hence reducing the cost. Water usage can be reduced by the process of recycling the already used water (Bail, Falkner & Marquard 2014, p. 43). That can be achieved through the use of biochemical which distills the used water and ensure that it is safe. Waste is therefore generated in minimal amounts. The harmful greenhouse emissions can be easily cut by the use of biofuels hence preserving energy use. Growth in industrialization is increasing by the day and biochemical can act as the substitute for the overwhelming reliance on petrochemicals (Kilbane, 2016, p. 12).

The environmental problems are massively reduced by the use of biotechnology. Biochemicals can be used for agricultural activities hence minimizing the use of chemicals which during runoff can flow to rivers and be health hazards to aquatic animals. The biotech crops are naturally modified hence requiring low chemical input which causes farm tilling by farmers to be minimal. Biotechnology application in crop production helps in improvement of nutrition which can be of good for the peoples' health. Food products of biotechnology are safe because they do not normally contain toxins and allergens. Nevertheless, the use of biofuels in transportation helps in reduction harmful fuel emissions such as lead to the atmosphere. That promotes the cleanliness of the environment making it conducive for the living organisms.


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August 04, 2023


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