The Importance of Employee Communication

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In the beginning, HPCL company leaders mainly aimed at opening a pair of the interconnected communications within the institution. During the first conversation, the leaders enable the workers to have a discussion with one another regarding the vital purpose of the organization and its more prominent picture within the national and international enterprise context. The second communication occurred when the HPCL officials are directly engaging with the original conversation. As a result, this creates a better interactive process that leaders use not only in conveying messages from higher levels but also listening to what the employees have to say. However, the activity is not conducted through top-down approaches. But it is mainly achieved through the bottom up mechanisms based on the general participation of every worker. Moreover, there is a notable departure for the organization that occurs due to this system of interaction between the employees and senior leaders in the lower and middle-level positions. But this becomes the first time HPCL leaders emphasized on effective communication.

The emphasis helps in promoting employees’ communication with exemplified commitment. The employees responded positively to the changing communication efforts since it was a measure that the leaders were using to implement new strategies for the development of HPLC firm. However, HPLC executives based their current approaches to the internal communication with the evolving observation on factors driving employee engagement. The techniques employed results into a great commitment of the workers with a powerful response during the workshop missions and visions. Despite communication changing efforts being characterized by many challenges the HPCL’s workers managed to develop a positive response to the communication mechanisms that the leaders were implementing in the company. For example, the company embraces a digital technology for internal and external communication which some employees are not used to doing. But significantly, the workers demonstrated a positive response towards the changing communication efforts

Why Did They React As They Did?

The robust internal conversation plays a crucial role in enabling the HPCL to stand out among its peers and rival companies. With the nearer striking deadline, the HPCL has been directing appeals to its important offices through emails and HPCL internet. Additionally, the executives have been holding conversations with several officers and urging them on the effects of joining the planned work strike. Fortunately, the appealed worked, and there emerges a wake of the strike. As a result, the executives communicated about their appreciation to the firm officers through a letter noting them that a distinct Indian government officer had delivered to them that the HPCL had saved the nation through the nature of their constant efforts.

The looming incident points to the value of communication changing efforts. Moreover, HPCL’ s ability to prevent a strike that had hit all the rivalry and competitors that occurred due to the establishment of friendship, communication, camaraderie, and trust were built by the top managers of the company. The employees and the officials had to do what they did to stop looming strike that would have paralyzed the nation thereby making rivalry companies gain more profits over HPCL. Moreover, they had to do that to help in the development of better internal communication and facilitate the establishment and growth of the external communication. In doing so, the company managed to develop a reliable, sufficient and adequate employee and employer communication system. Consequently, HPLC has the opportunity to establish different strategies and approach to the employee’s communication system. Therefore, they had to do what they did to help in preventing strike from taking place and to assisting in establishing better internal and external communication strategies

January 19, 2024
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