The Importance of Information Systems in the Communication Realm

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The Changing Communication Realm

The communication realm plays an essential part where people communicate in various forms and the manner in which people continue to communicate is changing. The media industry plays an integral role since it shapes up the world. Being a student in the Media and Communication field my great admiration of the realm of information systems has been astonishing hence by majoring in information systems I would be able to learn invaluable skills and leading edge technology thus staying abreast with the latest advances.

The Impact of Technological Advances

It is an eminent aspect that the field of Communication and Media shapes the world but on the other hand the world also shapes the field thus the emergence of a symbiotic relationship. The various technological advances and the emergence of the internet has greatly transformed the manner in which communication is shared. Being a millennial I was born in an age where the television spectrum was characterized with subscription to the cable networks but in the modern hemisphere the television spectrum has greatly been realized with the streaming services where individuals are able to enjoy networks such as Netflix and the switching into digital signals where broadcasts are transmitted in a binary code thus solving the problem Associated with the analog signals of distortion and clarity (Kaiser et al., 2010).

The Role of Information Systems

In addition to that, information systems formulates the major backbone of the communication field in the modern spectrum. It is an eminent aspect that if one needs to view trending news or aspects that are emerging, they are able to stream it online any place as compared to the traditional forms where for one to catch a glimpse of what is happening they were entitled to sit behind a television set as compared to now where one can stream from your own mobile phone, subscription to e-papers and magazines where one is able to receive their daily newspaper in their emails and not a bang at their doorstep from a newspaper distributor. The changes brought by information systems into the communication realm has enabled various media house to keep abreast with the changes that are enveloping in the modern world.

Information Systems in the Film Industry

I greatly view information systems as an essential factor in my career in the communication realm. I am a big fun of the film industry from the large organizations that have greatly ventured in the film conium such as Disney, Marvel studios which celebrate records in the box office from their work of production that mesmerize funs all over the globe. Therefore being equipped with the necessary skills in information systems is an added advantage since I am proficient in the writing spectrum and production field and being an expertise in the information system would enable me be involved in the grassroots level of new technology that set path for in the production and distribution of film work. Information spectrum is a great asset in my career path and the yearning of a managerial post in my career path is an aspect that is eminent therefore being proficient in the field of information systems would enable me to capture the position since most of the management decision making process greatly rely on data and trying to identify causalities and inferences from the connections with it an aspect that is eminent in information systems.

Gender Equity in Information Systems

In conjunction to realization of my career goals, venturing into the field of information systems from a society perspectives aims at the realization of gender equity within the field taking into consideration the large gender gap that exists in the field of information systems. The gender gap that presents itself is greatly fostered by skill gap thus resulting to the causation of the gender gap in the field of information systems. In a study conducted by Morahan, there was the eminence of gender gap differences in the manner in which the male students and females rated themselves in their ability to master information system skills where both indicated a positive attitude towards their ability to master technology skills but males rated themselves higher than females (2000). Male students manifest their desire to change the field of traditional methods in the media spectrum with better information and communication technology an aspect where females exhibit a negative attitude (Anderson & Weert, 2002).

There is the eminence of a skeptic thought among most of the graduates from high school concerning the realm of information systems where the domain of information systems is for males and most of the male students in colleges and universities held similar efficacy beliefs for traditional male occupations whereas females had efficacy beliefs for positions held traditionally by women but low self-efficacy for positions held traditionally by men (Anderson & Weert, 2002). In addition to that the prior class that majored in information systems indicated a great dominance in the male population as compared to the female an aspect and thought that I greatly wish to change by majoring in the field of information systems and successful completion and adaption into the working environment.


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