The Importance of TSA in National Security

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National Security and Passenger Safety

National security is important to every country and it can be compromised if appropriate measures are not put in place. The safety of the passengers is also very crucial and what the passengers carry can affect the operations of a flight due to the high speed and pressure it is under.

TSA Bag Screening

TSA can search your bag even if you never signed a consent to search form. They screen bags for harmful products like explosives, illegal products such as drugs and other items which are not allowed in the airport or point of destination. TSA screening is always done to sensitize people on the importance of being responsible for what they carry on their bags. An individual should be aware of the things which s/he should pack on a bag to avoid commotion and abortion of a journey due to ignorance. “TSA works closely with the intelligence and law enforcement communities to share information” (Transport Security Administration, n.d.). As their main work is to screen bags for dangerous, explosive, illegal and prohibited items, they work with other security departments for efficiency and compliance of the law. Considering the friend's case, the TSA could not just take the drugs out of the bag if they cannot arrest him for it because that is the work of the law enforcers. A police can arrest an individual if they have a probable cause to believe that s/he has committed a crime.

Reporting a Crime

“Anyone who is aware that a crime has been committed can report it. It is not essential for you to have been personally affected by the crime” (Ch.Ch, n.d.). A crime is an act that breaches the law and it is punishable. Carrying a bag of marijuana violates the law. TSA is allowed to give marijuana to the police so that they can charge you. In this case, the police file a case to the jurisdiction concerning the matter and then starts to investigate the incidence of adequate evidence. At the court, the police should prove that there was a probable cause for the arrest by providing evidence. The bag of marijuana is the only actual evidence that can be presented at the court thus it should be handed over to the police. The friend should accept that he committed a crime by carrying a prohibited item in his bag and should face the law. He should be aware that it is not a must for one to consent for a search by the TSA as it is mandatory and its purpose is to ensure that security and safety measures are well followed and considered by all the passengers.


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December 12, 2023

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