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89 views 2 pages ~ 370 words
Forecasting of Demand Using Exponential Smoothing

Data forecasting is predicting future values using historical values. There are many methods of forecasting, in this pap...

95 views 8 pages ~ 2102 words
The Future of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major element and field of focus for all technology enthusiasts and organization stakeholders aiming ...

63 views 7 pages ~ 1855 words
Futuristic Endeavors: Shaping Tomorrow's Work

Work changes with the evolution of work and change in social trends. Daily improvement in technology has brought a lot o...

238 views 3 pages ~ 629 words
The Future of Technology

The future of technology will reshape the manner in which things are done. A few years back, things such as virtual real...

145 views 2 pages ~ 343 words
The Role of Logistics in Future

The professional area that is of interest to me is the logistics. There are a lot of changes that I feel will take place...

160 views 4 pages ~ 1073 words
The Impact of Technology on Human Life

Technology can be defined as the practical application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. The idea behind t...

162 views 3 pages ~ 746 words
Essay on Future of Technology

In the last two decades, I have witnessed daily human lives being gradually overtaken by advancement in technology. Toda...

72 views 3 pages ~ 731 words
Technology and Alternate Futures

It is believed that the future of humanity is uncertain. Even though there has been a lot of research done in an effort ...

191 views 7 pages ~ 1694 words
An Autonomous Car

The potential of autonomous vehicles was greatly illuminated in 2016. According to automakers, everyone will be using au...

290 views 9 pages ~ 2305 words
The Cyborgs in 1990s

The movies and films produced from the 1990s to the 2000s included a consistent representation of evolution in science. ...

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