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209 views 4 pages ~ 907 words
Styles of Leadership

Leadership refers to the willingness of an individual to lead others to accomplish a specific mission. A successful lead...

93 views 3 pages ~ 704 words
We All Make Mistakes Essay

Mistakes allow us to benefit from our past and to strengthen our future. When you're young, you make a lot of blunders t...

231 views 4 pages ~ 876 words
Bicentennial Man Film Analysis

In the film Bicentennial Man of 1999, it is surprising that this picture is already 23 years old, and the quality and presentation in it are not...

264 views 5 pages ~ 1213 words

"Memes are cultural and behavioral units that survive and spread through imitation and adaptation." Richard Dawkins defi...

234 views 6 pages ~ 1621 words
Robots are the single most important invention

Robots are the single most significant technology ever made by humans, and it is no secret that Robots possess the futur...

137 views 2 pages ~ 436 words

Is "direct-to-consumer" genetic testing smart provided that it is not supported by the intervention of a certified medic...

145 views 5 pages ~ 1208 words
Current events are matters of the present, but they certainly are borne out of a past event and inevitably affect the future.

Current affairs are issues of the moment, but they are certainly borne out by historical developments which ultimately i...

242 views 3 pages ~ 697 words
In the Country of Last Things

It can be disturbing to consider that the world may end someday, particularly when the dystopian future is portrayed alm...

86 views 3 pages ~ 591 words
Ramifications of Abortion

Abortion has certain financial consequences that concern the whole economy. The article would go through some of the fin...

75 views 8 pages ~ 2100 words
The Individual Business Plan Based On Online Jewelry Business

With an increasing number of young people searching for ways to fulfill their fashion and beauty needs, the jewelry indu...

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