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149 views 7 pages ~ 1742 words
About Genogram

Genogram Human beings by nature draw their existence from family members who came before them. Some of the traits that p...

76 views 4 pages ~ 1008 words
A personal analysis of what a human being is

This article is a personal study of what a human being is like. Although different concepts of different scholars are co...

267 views 7 pages ~ 1853 words
Words, emotions, and actions

Words, emotions, and actions that correspond to them are inextricably linked to the ideals tied to human nature. Human m...

164 views 5 pages ~ 1169 words
About Monsters and Medicine

One of the most explored subjects in literary texts is a monstrosity. A monster is a character that is often portrayed a...

269 views 2 pages ~ 442 words
Drawing on Lenski's, Marx's, Weber's, and Durkheim's Theories

Society is an important part of human life and, in an effort to explain the concept of society, different theoretical vi...

474 views 532 pages ~ 2 words
Why people have superstitions

Superstitions are beliefs that we have about the world around us that we can't quite explain. We are prone to use them to reduce anxiety and...

241 views 1 pages ~ 440 words
August Heat - A Short Story

This story by W. F. Harvey takes place in the early 1900s. While it begins as a normal story, the dark and creepy ending makes it feel like it&#...

322 views 2 pages ~ 732 words
All the Pretty Horses The Book and Its Analysis

Unfortunately, not all great writers have all the works equally interesting, and what an incredibly important role for both the reader and the w...

107 views 6 pages ~ 1506 words
prejudice and racism

There is an overlooked fiction all over the world where people separate and judge each other on the basis of what they l...

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