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Utilitarian and Deontological theories

Both the deontological and utilitarian theories may apply if you are a train conductor about to run over 5 individuals w...

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Ethics Discussion Board WK 6

In the film, the figure who most exemplified a Kantian deontologist was a young child named Rudy Steiner. A deontologist...

295 views 7 pages ~ 1779 words
Ethical consumerism

The study will primarily focus on justifying the deontological approach as a superior and well-suited principle that app...

566 views 7 pages ~ 1767 words
Problems in Immanuel Kant’s deontology ethics

Immanuel Kant is a celebrated proponent of the deontological ethics in the field of philosophy. “Deontology is a Greek word derived from t...

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What Is Deontology?

Agent-centered deontology focuses on human actions rather than moral states. This view holds that all human actions are generated by mental stat...

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