Robots are the single most important invention

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Robots: The Future of the World

Robots are the single most significant technology ever made by humans, and it is no secret that Robots possess the future of the world. If technology progresses, more robots are being developed for specialized tasks that have become difficult for humans to perform. At present, robots can cook, pay for music, record music, drive cars, and even run errands for us. Almost three decades ago, nobody could imagine that robotic robotics could be so widespread and part of human life (Chen and Dong 11). Different science fiction writers have influenced some of the first advances in robotics technology and have also invented the notion that robots can exist. Today what was termed as science fiction is now a reality and robots are actually doing different human labor in all sorts of places and best of it all robots are now saving lives by doing hazardous tasks. Robots now work in car assembling plants under extreme conditions, assembling parts and even working under extreme heat, noise and even places with poisonous fumes that could otherwise kill humans. Robots are so accurate that they are used in developing products that require a lot of precision and accuracy which humans lack. It is clear that with the advancement in technology robots will play more roles in human lives in future.

Role of Robots in Future

The future of robotics is bright, judging from movies like Robocop, for instance, reveals that pace at which Robot technology and artificial intelligence is likely to develop in future. It is likely that in future robots will make more contributions to human life in a personal way (Hannock 43). To justify the future of robots in human live let's consider the effects of the industrial revolution that brought about changes in the way goods and products were being manufactured through the concept of mass production. The development of simple machines like the cotton gin created efficiency in the production systems and spurred the growth of industries creating more opportunity. Different inventions have been developed through time that has changed the way people live and similarly, robots are likely to change the world in ways that nobody could think about (Frennert and Ostlumd 23). The pioneer of robot technology Joseph Eagleburger projected that in future robots would be more affordable and successful something that the current generation is seeing. Service robots have a future in the industrial world and to ascertain these robots need to have the following qualities first, they need to be efficient in their roles, second, they need to possess sensory perception, must be predictable and should be programmed with professional skills and expertise. Above all the qualities the robots need to be affordable in terms of their costs for more people to access just like the personal computers and TVs. It is likely that robots are more likely to take up more roles in future; it is evident that there is a deficit in terms of the skilled labor to perform specific tasks and robots come in handy since they can be programmed with specific skills.

Recent Research on Robotics

Recent research on robotics and robot technology reveals that different robot technology companies are developing intelligent robots for the manufacturing, security and domestic sectors of the economy (Wang and Tongren 62). Sometimes it is possible to project the future by looking at the past, for instance, looking at the simple inventions that have changed the lives of people just like the airplane, the internet, and other great inventions. It is likely that at some time we will have machines that are intelligent and sophisticated to do difficult tasks. For example, imagine, having robots small enough to travel through the blood stream and deliver drugs to specific diseased organs to cure people or having robots that can guide the blind, fight wars and even teach children, you can imagine a future where you seat in front of your TV take a game console and guide a robot character in a mall or supermarket and give commands on what to shop for just like it happens in games (Bickhard 14). You can imagine that robot shopping can be a reality, it is possible to interconnect worlds by robotics and it can be possible for one to do shopping in London while comfortably sitting in your apartment in New York. This can be amazing since it is easy to eliminate the cost of traveling for shopping by hiring a robot to do the task for you. Robots will be used to run simple errands like checking on your relatives, help during rescue missions and even tour around anonymously.

Robots in Healthcare and the Economy

In future, it is likely that more robots will be seen in the elderly care facilities taking care of the old and even patients in hospitals. It is possible that the global population of the elderly is likely to increase at a faster rate and additional labor is required to take care of the elderly. Unfortunately, the population of the young people is growing at a slow rate and hence the need for helper robots that can assist the elderly in doing simple tasks like bathing, clothing and taking medicine (Chen and Dong 44). The role of robots in the healthcare facilities cannot be underestimated and in future, it is possible to see helper robots assisting people with special needs. Instead of the command based system of robot interaction, it is likely that robots can be more social. Development of personal robots that can recognize humanistic expressions and body language are likely to be more common. It is possible that future robots can keep you company and hence push their roles further to companionship. In future, it is likely that you might be sitting there and having a conversation with your personal robot this can be fascinating given the social hurdles that people face in their day to day interactions. In future, it can be possible to personalize and customize your robot based on our preferences and choice and this is likely to assist in making our robot experience more personal. Due to the personal aspects, the future robots are more likely to fit into our families since they will have the ability to learn and remember giving them the social ability to interact with other family members.

Robots and Capitalism

It is obvious that robots are likely to the future propagators for the economy and they can work repeatedly without tiring or exhaustion. It is possible that robots will replace humans in different jobs like directing traffic since they can work day and night without tiring. As collectively defined, robots are the future drivers of capitalism and industrialization and if a robot can perform the work of ten people the employers are likely to invest more in the acquisition of robots to save on operation costs during production (Bickhard 12). Entrepreneurs are likely to capitalize more in intelligent robots for production purposes and leave management to humans, therefore; it is likely that in future humans will work with robots. For instance, the requirements of robots are minimal since they don’t require restrooms and even food for their operation. Further, robots will be more efficient and cost effective while improving the profits for the companies.

Counterargument and Refutal

However, despite the advantages, there is the downside for robots since they are machines they are prone to mechanical failure which limits their efficiency and reliability. Robots have to be manned by humans to perform their duties and although their input will be significant they only complement human labor. Although the future of robots looks bright some theorists like Steve Hawkins have warned that it is important to tread the artificial intelligence path carefully since it is possible to develop super-intelligent robots that can overrun humankind (Rory online). It is likely that this will be the end of humanity since the robots will have a super-organized society with united armies and superhuman strength that can be tragic. It is important that humans consider the warning since the outcome of robotics technology is not clearly visible. Despite their abilities, it is clear that the robots present a threat due to their developing intelligence (Rory online). Therefore, although the future of robotics looks bright humans need to be aware of the eminent danger that these intelligent machines pose to humanity. Different opponents have argued against the advancement of robotic technology and artificial intelligence, it is clear that human create robots and hence the ability and control of robots lie in the hands of humans who program them. Evidently, the power to create and control lies with the engineers and other specialists and hence there is a limited possibility the robots will overrun the humans in future.


In conclusion, as we talk about the future of robots it is clear that their roles are likely to increase and robot technology is here to stay. The practical application of robots is limitless due to the continuous inventions in artificial intelligence. Practically robots are gaining popularity due to their ability to understand foreign languages, work in different environments and assist in conducting sophisticated surgeries. However, it is clear that with the advancement in technology robots will play more roles in human lives in future.

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October 12, 2022


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