Bicentennial Man Film Analysis

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In the film Bicentennial Man of 1999, it is surprising that this picture is already 23 years old, and the quality and presentation in it are not worse than today's modern films with all special effects. This is one of the best films, in some moments it is heavy, it makes you think a lot. The plot talks about a robot that was bought by the family to perform urgent tasks around the house. But very quickly, Andrew begins to learn, to acquire not only skills and knowledge but also to experience strange sensations. Ultimately, he wants to be free. Bicentennial Man is a film about the pleasure of being human, regardless of whether circumstances might be for or against that.

Plot and Analysis of the Film

The director of the film, Chris Columbus, is a cult one because under his talented eyes many famous films were born, such as Home Alone (1990), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) and many other films that achieved a cult status to some degree. There are so many sensual and, frankly, poignant scenes in this picture. The storyline is clearly built, the development of the robot from a machine to a person. All the nuances of human thoughts, mistakes, feelings, and emotions (Isaac). Everything is conveyed so warmly and truthfully that there is no thought that you do not live now in the very world that the director so skillfully built, in that mysterious, modern beautiful future, where robots and people live side by side, and in which time flies like moments.

Everything from the credits speaks of evolution and inexorable progress. Development has stepped so far forward, and robots have become part of everyday life, and people, as they were people, have remained so. All the same vices, the same mistakes from generation to generation. We all, to one degree or another, communicate with technology in a human way (Columbus). Most likely, this is what prompted the subtle neural connections in the brain of the mechanism to love, to development. This film proves once again that nothing is impossible.

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The plot of the film takes place in the near future when android robots are created, replacing both domestic servants and pets. One of the families also has a robot named Andrew - a robot that will do any job you ask, he is always polite, and courteous and you can even talk and talk with him "heart to heart". After some time, Andrew realizes that he is not like everyone else, he realizes that he can experience feelings. For example, with attachment to his masters, he experiences feelings of sadness and longing. Andrew has an "individuality" that is unique to a Human. When Andrew fell in love, when he got jealous, he realized that he wanted to become a Human (Columbus). At this point, the film reveals one of its key ideas. The creators of the movie heavily implied that the prime factor of being human lies in feelings and emotions.

Simply to feel everything, with one’s hands, nose, mouth, feel cold, warmth, love and happiness, disappointment, these are not just words, life is made of this. When one begins to appreciate something when they lose it. The film also has a lot of emphasis on intimate things that we simply forget about, such as laughter, jokes, sex, love, freedom, and much more (Columbus). All of this further implies that human life is primarily composed of the “little things” that can be found throughout life, and that the joy of being human relies on them.

There are many dialogues in the film, and they are not always short, most often they are not only long but also philosophical. At the same time, they are not at all boring, but very interesting. The characters convey this communication so skillfully that you want to listen to them. Of course, basically, all the merit of the success of the film is Robin Williams, he plays amazingly here. He managed to perfectly convey the image of a robot, and this applies not only to the manner of movement, and facial expressions but also to communication. Andrew is strikingly different from ordinary people, although he looks the same as they do (Columbus). Another idea line of the film, thus, provides that no matter how person might be different to others, it is their worldview and understanding of what it is like to be human matter.


The film is long in duration (two hours), but this time is not felt at all, because the plot tells not only the story of the robot but also several generations of the family in which he began his life. The character is actively developing, learning, setting specific goals, and achieving them. It does not just change, it evolves, rapidly changing, both externally and internally. The film is very good and interesting, most importantly, it allows you to think about the essence of life in general and about the attitude toward loved ones. After all, even a robot could fall in love and go to great lengths for love.

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May 13, 2022
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