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189 views 8 pages ~ 2186 words
Competitive Analysis of Volkswagen Company

Since its establishment, Volkswagen has grown into a formidable player in the global market (West, Ford & Ibrahim, 2015)...

288 views 2 pages ~ 371 words
The Adoption of Truck Platooning in the United States

The changing state of U.S. and global economies have significantly affected effective operations of most businesses arou...

200 views 5 pages ~ 1364 words
The Impact of Technology on the Automobile Industry

Amatucci, Marcos. "The world that chose the machine: an evolutionary view of the technological race in the history of th...

84 views 10 pages ~ 2555 words
On Autopilot: Assessing the Safety of Self-Driving Vehicles

Application of innovation and technology have transformed human life in various spheres, however, Self-driving advanceme...

288 views 3 pages ~ 645 words
Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act

All privately held motor vehicles must be insured according to the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act (CAIA). This docu...

246 views 7 pages ~ 1773 words
Public Transportation promotion by the city

The quality of people's existence, particularly in cities, is greatly influenced by transportation. Public transit is a ...

138 views 3 pages ~ 636 words
Tata motors Essay

Tata motors is one of the leading companies in the automobile market in India and worldwide. Tata Motors, a division of ...

300 views 3 pages ~ 773 words
Instruction manual –Tractor (T293HST)

The T293HST tractor is a design by the Korean company Tongyang. The 1.3-liter motor in the S3L2 model has 29 horsepower....

275 views 7 pages ~ 1910 words
Autonomous cars definition

Autonomous vehicles are also known as self-driving, driverless, autos, or robotic vehicles. The automobiles are unmanned...

211 views 3 pages ~ 597 words
Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is a German corporation that manufactures motorbikes and motor vehicles. The firm has pro...

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