The Little Piggy Didn't Go to Market

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Verena Dobnik's book, The Little Piggy Didn't Go to Market, tells the story of a heroic pig who dropped from a moving truck on its way to the slaughterhouse and managed to avoid being eaten by humans. In New York City, Americans eat pork on a regular basis. Sometimes, cattle will die as a result of being slaughtered and then eaten as food. The paper would use Verena's tale of Winston, the little pig, to explain how and why the animal matches the description of a good pig. After the capture of the pig, it was rescued and taken to an animal paradise, and it is clear that it remained an appealing example of its kind that makes it be a good pig.

Not many animals get to escape from these speeding trucks heading to the slaughterhouses across New York City and due to this the sanctuary director, confirms the trauma these animals experience on their way as they can get the smell of the blood and the danger of being killed as witnessed in Winston. "None of them come to us friendly, they know what blood smells like, and they're terrified and high-strung, running to get away," says Susie Coston.

​ The title ‘Winston escapes death to find a piglet paradise' highlights a source of joy that was as a result of either luck or fate or a combination of the two in escaping the dreadful slaughter scenario to paradise (Dobnik 253). The animal in the story fits the definition of a good pig because of its smartness. Winston was able to escape from a truck moving to the slaughterhouse. The technique he used to fall out augured with its immediate health as it did not cause any harm or injury. The prospect of death through butcher method prompted Winston to seek an escape plan as highlighted "They know what the blood smells like and they're terrified and high-strung, running to get away" (Dobnik 253). Thus, the piggy could not imagine being taken to the slaughterhouse where he would meet his untimely death. The wisdom to escape saved his life after that.

​ The animal fits to be called a good pig because it is social as Coston says "Winston is doing magnificently well" besides he "Spends his nights rooting in the dirt and mud and spinning and playing with his best friend Ruby, a friend who recently fell off a transport truck." After Winston fell from the moving truck, he is found wandering among herds of other animals such as cows, sheep, chicken, and goats (Dobnik 253). Although the animals that were mingling with Winston died in the slaughterhouse, he managed to survive amidst the growing number of urban slaughterhouses. Once he was taken to the animal sanctuary, Winston establishes friendships. He also stayed with cows such as Maxine. The social nature of the piggy made it extraordinary and a real definition of a good pig.

​ "None of them come to us friendly" highlights the nature of the graveness that mars the mood of the animals (Dobnik 254). Nevertheless, Winston manages to become sociable in a new environment while having fun and pleasure at all times of the day whether at night or daytime. Similarly, Winston is a clear and appealing example of its kind since it was brave to escape going to a slaughterhouse. Although the truck was probably going at high speed, the piggy had a smart escape plan preventing its ultimate being death. The piggy lams for several days in the city before it is rescued and taken to an animal sanctuary. The animal is made to live in an environment where it is free and not afraid of becoming someone's dinner.

​ "We work very hard to get the animals placed, to get them the care where they can live their life out" highlights the extent assurance accustomed to Winston with regards to his life (Dobnik 253). Due to the effort asserted by Winston, he merits the opportunity to live in an environment that is free from slaughter activities risks associated with death. Moreover, the piggy is an animal of its kind as it had the wisdom to roam in a neighborhood having several slaughterhouses as well as making inroads into the urban center.

"The case of Winston, so named by newspaper readers who followed his fate is unusual" plays a significant role in highlighting the reason as to why the piggy is of its kind (Dobnik 253). The scenario surrounding its escape from a transport truck to the urban setup and lastly to the animal sanctuary is fascinating. The prospect of a pig being a champ at the expense of other significant strong animals in making their way to the animal den points to the fact that Winston is a rare breed. Instead of embracing a gloomy outlook, the piggy enjoys life at the sanctuary reveals the fact that Winston relished the opportunity to live again rather than dwelling on its escapades.

Winston, the piggy who did not go to the market is a story that explains to the readers how Winston managed to survive from going to a slaughterhouse. However, as the story unfolds, the piggy that escapes from being taken to the market due to its attributes of being brave, social, and wise makes it have an advantage over the other animals. The story teaches humans that they should take care of animals. They should not look at them as only sources of food. Moreover, the animals should be taken care of whether found on the streets roaming or in the wild areas.

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Dobnik, Verena. "The Little Piggy Didn't Go to Market." Back to the Lake: A Reader and Guide, . New York: W.W. Norton, 2017.

October 25, 2022

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