The Mongol Empire and Mongols'War

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One of the largest empires was the Mongol empire.

This empire held various tribes established in the motherland of Mongol, with the authority of Genghis Khan. The Mongols' unification occurred when a convention was held in 1206 that declared Temujin as Genghis Khan as the emperor. They allied with the Uighur and Turk, who were crucial in the running of the Mongol empire. There are various reasons why this empire experienced incredible success. They practiced diverse skills and methods to outstand and conquer their surrounding countries.

Skills and methods used by Mongols comprise the fighting abilities, correspondence, application of observation and terror, use of ideas and technologies, lack of united resistance, and good leadership. Fighting skills, the Mongols had qualified horseman who gave them the significant advantage regarding mobility which allows them to strike without warning. It enabled them to make use of the enemy and capitalize on enemy weakness during the battle war. During battles, Mongols fighting men were able to shoot their great bow from a distance of hundred yards away dismantle opposition force, as well as the use of fire flaming arrows over the walls. The next reason for their success is unity and discipline; there was loyalty from the generals despite their tribal lines. Genghis Khan formulated iron discipline among his troops both to the Turks and non-Mongols which enabled them to fight as one. Lack of united resistance is the next reason for their success. The breakup of Persia and China allowed the Genghis Khan to attack one by one which was sometimes facilitated by the enemy foes in areas like northern China. Another factor was reconnaissance. The Mongols used traveling merchants, spies, and tortured prisons of war to obtain information about the enemy forces and terrain. They did not take to the battle with the enemy until they were sure of the enemy weakness and strengths. The Mongols also borrowed ideas and techniques. Innovations adopted from enemies that were conquered, especially from the siege Chinese and Turkish. Some of the techniques learned were how to flame projectiles over walls, how to construct catapults to move huge rocks. Also learned how to write, compile information, maintain records, and communication from the Turks. From Asian, they learned how to administer and finance empires as well as how to govern. Leadership was also critical to their success; they had powerful leader Genghis Khan himself who was a master in military strategist, a shrewd opportunist, a talented diplomat, and a superb leader. He was able to inspire his fighting men and determined to conquer the world. He believed in defeating his enemy and killing.

A Pax Mongolia which was first known as the Mongolian peace is similar to that one that was created by the Romans knows as Roman peace. Pax Mongolia is treaty outlining the flow of ideas and goods among the Eurasian people. The Pax Mongolia was necessary because of the several reasons. It enabled the rulers to manage the vast realm of the Empire under conquest. It also facilitated easy communication with long distance postal system, with good network equipped with thousand of riders carrying messages 200 miles a day. It also made it easy for the protection of trade route with warriors stationed at different points. It also enhanced diplomatic relation with emissaries in various parts that were responsible for welcoming other embassies from other lands. It also made it easy to travel with the supply of metal seal that acted as passports for traveling merchants.

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