The Nursing Process

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The Nursing Process

The first step of the nursing process is the assessment phase that is conducted through an interview with the patient. During this evaluation patients are allowed to interact fully and give details about their psychological, sociological, physiological and spiritual status. Secondly, diagnosis phase, nurse gives an educative judgment about a patient condition by assessing any future problems and patients readiness to receive treatment. Thirdly, the planning phase, where the nurse and patient agree on the best plan to be used to track the wellness of the patient the implementation phase is the fourth step that involves monitoring the symptoms and sign of the patient hence devising on the best health management and contacting the patient on follow up (Hickey et al., 2015). Finally the evaluation phase is often done to determine if the patient’s goals were met. It is important to know if the condition has deteriorated, stabilized or improved. All the five steps are crucial since one step builds on the next step hence crucial for the nursing process.

The Patient's Condition

The patient’s pain has caused her to develop other problems such as hypotension, the bleeding time of the patient has also elevated. To validate Harriet Zoose condition, it is crucial for the nurse to discuss with the patient if she is ready to receive treatment. The condition is eating her up and she needs immediate treatment to help reduce the prevalent symptoms (Moseley, 2012). Her condition is even bothering her sex drive hence affecting her marriage the nurse needs to devise the best treatment that the patient will take up readily. The three essential parts of a diagnosis is to first give an educative judgment followed by identifying future problems of the condition and finally determine whether the patient is ready for treatment.


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October 13, 2023

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