The Properties, Merits and Demerits of Static and Dynamic IP Addresses

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The choice of an Internet Protocol (IP) address is an interesting area in computer science because of the relationship between the assigned binary sets and an individual’s or organization’s data security.  

            According to Rokui (2014), the two types of IP addresses are static and dynamic.  A statistic IP address is assigned permanently to an email, database or hosting website and does not change over the period that the user accesses the internet.  The binary sets in static IP addresses are assigned manually and are commonly used in the Voice On Internet Protocol (VOIP) devices.  A static IP address has a demerit of being secure because an interruption of the binary sets can expose personal data (Dey et al. 2015). However, the address has many advantages like allowing secure exchange of data in large volumes through the Personal File Transfer Protocol (FTP), enabling remote access to devices assigned to the address and the ability to host private networks like the Virtual Private Network (VPN).   However, the dynamic address is a ‘hands-off’ system which automatically assigns binary sets to a network. Even though the dynamic IP address is cheaper and more secure, it has a demerit of requiring access to the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) which might be a challenge (Thondapu et al. 2017).  The static IP address is recommended to firms and organizations that use devices like the Voice On Internet Protocol (VOIP) while the dynamic IP address would be better than the static one for firms and individuals who deal with private information.


            Firms and individuals should consider the properties, merits, and demerits of the static and dynamic IP addresses when making a decision on which one to use.


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September 11, 2023
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