The Reasons Why I Want to Study Medicine

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Why I Want to Study Sciences (Part 1)

Willingness and ability to save lives and work with patients and their families is the primary reason why I seek to study sciences, particularly medicine. I strongly believe that medicine will provide me with a greater opportunity to actualize my desire to help people in more meaningful and touching ways. I desire to work with patients and other medical and non-medical staff to ensure high-quality care, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatments. Furthermore, I am interested in developing a better understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Being fascinated by the human body and understanding how the various body parts are intricately interrelated and function is one of the most inspiring reasons for pursuing medicine in college. Continuous learning is another reason to study sciences. Sciences provide ample opportunities for continued personal and professional development. Unlike in many other fields, the end of four or six-year medical program does not mean the end of learning. Medical sciences are quite dynamic and constantly developing fields that necessitate continuous personal and professional development to improve healthcare delivery. With continuous learning through research, seminars, congresses and acquiring necessary credits, I will be better equipped with evidence-based practices promote high-quality care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Why Howard University is the Perfect Fit (Part 2)

I strongly believe a medical program at Howard University will help me achieve my personal and career goals because of several reasons. First, the College provides a student-centered curriculum that has been carefully designed to meet the unique needs and interests of a diverse, multicultural student body. I am comfortable with diverse cultural and religious groups because my group of friends has always been diverse and multicultural throughout the middle and high school. I am certain the diversity at the College will help me prepare adequately to handle with patients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Second, Howard University provides holistic, problem-oriented curriculum. The College's faculty and rigor courses will challenge me to become an open-minded, critical thinker, effective writer, and change-agent. With these qualities, I believe I would be better placed to save lives, change retrogressive policies, and better communities. Lastly, the College offers student-friendly services such as fraternities and sororities, academic clubs, car parking, and student accommodation which guarantee an excellent experience during my program.

August 14, 2023

Learning Medicine

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