The Relationship between Donald Trump and Ryan Madson

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The Characters in the Picture

The characters in the picture include the United States president Donald Trump, on his back is the California based baseball player and a greater supporter of Trump Ryan Madson. On the scene also there is an audience who seemingly watch on the events unfold as the players make the moves and seemingly an advisor of the regime.

The Relationship between Trump's Actions and Sports

The cartoon is intended to show the relationship between the United States president's actions about sports which entail both the United States based players and the foreign players. Despite the president's description of his career and a reference to him as a nervous wreck, many would not understand why Ryan Madson would still support Donald Trump's idea of building the wall between the United States and Mexico.

Interpreting Trump's Intention

He illustrates that Trump's intention has been misinterpreted by the media to portray Trump as an anti-immigrant. Ryan's thought is that Trump's move is only a way of keeping away terrorists. The cartoonist uses the various characters in the picture in sports and political context to illustrate the difference in opinions.

The Impact of Ongoing Concerns

The cartoon presentation has been affected by the concerns that have been ongoing with the findings into Trump's alleged association with Russia. The investigation has permitted opposing politicians to appear reasonable and, therefore, exempted from the civility of politician talks. Trump's regime has been put under criticism as per his actions, for instance, with the decision of building the wall. The cartoon was affected by the fact that despite Trump's efforts, it is also well known that some other politicians aren't any different from Trump. Trump is even termed as a radically honest leader in some ways and that many politicians would not be any better if trailed on their thought and actions in unguarded times and moments.

November 13, 2023
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