The Relationship Between Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases

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Obesity as a Leading Cause of Cardiovascular Diseases

Obesity has been categorised as the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases; the accumulation of excessive fats are a trigger for health risks. According to Taylor (2017), the obesity prevalence continues to escalate globally in adults and children. The incidence has been associated with premature deaths and causes of dire health conditions. Nearly 70% of the American adults' population has been classified as obese and with the continuing trends, obesity might lead in the category of the cause of preventable ailments. According to the article, obesity is a significant risk factor triggering heart diseases either directly or indirectly. Obesity has managed to be the most independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. It is quite unfortunate with the resources invested in the healthcare system, preventable ailments such as obesity continue to escalate. The healthcare system and insurance companies are required to take immediate action that will ensure implementation of legit measures to narrow down the obesity prevalence.

Investing in Affordable Healthcare and Preventive Care

Nurses and insurance companies should invest their time and money towards making healthcare affordable to the public. The delivering of better preventive and quality medical care for chronic ailments will encourage the prevention of obesity while reducing heart diseases. Furthermore, nurses should foster an environment that is safe and promotes a healthy lifestyle to the public. Insurance companies and nurses should advocate for a healthcare system that is omnipresent and universal (Benjamin, 2011). Nurses should advocate for active community preventive services that will focus on improving cardiovascular health which will reduce the level of obesity because of the rendered awareness. While most preventive services are delivered in clinics, they should be directly implemented through community programs that will assist patients to overcome obstacles (such as transportation) to accessing preventive services.


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Taylor, M. (2017). The Globesity Epidemic. The Obesity Epidemic, 1-20.

October 13, 2023



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