The Renaissance in Art

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Renaissance art is divided into two significant periods. The early renaissance where artists emulated classical artists. Second, great renewal where an emerging interest in space and perspective provided more realism to artists. Several attitudes and ideas that marked a renaissance period were mainly portrayed in various arts. The modern concept (humanism) emphasizes the human abilities, interests, and requirements.

 There were many significant changes associated with renaissance. Nonetheless, the most significant change was the rebirth of humanism with discoveries in arts, architecture, music, and technology. In his study, Adams (347) affirm that humanism changed how different artists decorated their subjects since most of the Renaissance artists were commissioned by wealthy and noble families. Renaissance arts were based on realism with the emphasis on beauty, shadow, light, and beauty. Renaissance art reflects changing interests and attitudes of Europeans in many ways

How Renaissance Indicates Changing Interest and Views of the Europeans

The 13th and 16th centuries saw a significant changing attitude and enthusiasm among Europeans to religion due to renaissance art (Adams, 237). The resurgence was facilitated by a perspective technique, providing paintings with a three-dimensional appearance as compared to a two-dimensional work of old artists. Renaissance arts and artists portrayed the religious subjects as human and realistic. Reawakening art assisted with training theory and political thoughts thus reflect changing attitudes and interests of the Europeans. Several wealthy patrons were highly concerned with material possessions, family legacy, and dynamic change, thus resulting in Europeans sponsoring many portraits and other secular arts of themselves. These ideas significantly reflect the changing attitudes of many Europeans who started taking care of the physical subject matters. Moreover, renaissance art facilitated the rebirth of Greco-Roman beliefs and culture due to many writers and artists.

Europeans became more interested in re-establishing the Greco-Roman culture through philosophy, art, and literature.  Anirudh outlines that there are several works of artists that exemplify the renaissance. Nonetheless, the school of Athens by Raphael best illustrates renaissance art because it is more common and outlines education system employed by the Athens. Based on this arguments, renaissance art significantly led to the rebirth of humanism in Europe and thus should always be observed by current and future artists.

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November 13, 2023

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