The Right to Die

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The right to die is an ideology that gives one a conviction that he or she is can end his or her own life when he or she feels like doing so. The perceived right has regularly gotten misunderstood to imply that any person bearing a terminal sickness that has rendered him/her ‘a cabbage’ so to speak ought to be permitted to end their own life or to utilize helped suicide or to drop life-drawing out treatment. The topic of who, on the off chance that anybody, ought to be engaged in settling on this choice is frequently integral to discuss.

In my opinion, I would advocate against this practice as it tends to demean the life of a human being and fail to face the root problems affecting the society head-on. The right to die has a lot of adverse effects as opposed to positive ones. The reason for this is that envisioning a society in which patients are routinely assisted to die regardless of whether they need their lives to end or not if their affliction cannot get mitigated without dulling their cognizance, wiping out their autonomy does not appear right. In such a general public, protectors of conditions may contend that the obligation to anticipate enduring and insult makes the killing arrangement basic (Thompson, 2014). A convincing reaction would be that, while enduring, outrage, and loss of autonomy are bothersome, just the individual experiencing them ought to choose whether they are unacceptable. If a patient can decide, no one other than that patient ought to determine whether life merits proceeding or not.

Diagnosing precise terminal diseases can be troublesome because specialists do commit errors and numerous patients might end up getting well after a protracted struggle. Patients who guarantee they need to be assisted to die might reason through the tides of grief, which frequently triggers death feelings (Math & Chaturvedi, 2012). Instead of helping them to die, they ought to be treated, and they will recover the will to live. Reduced ways of relieving pain regularly make patients ache for death. Numerous individuals cruelly reprimand a therapeutic foundation that they assert is heartless to or by and large neglects to give sufficient pain relievers. In short, the patient needs to derive the meaning of life from the feeling he or she feels. Patients who appear weak or helpless fall victims of this 'right to die' phenomenon, especially the elderly since they get viewed as a burden in the society. Their willful death is, therefore, their duty to ease the burden.

The practice of assisted death is unethical and should not be legalized, because life continuity is essential and we expect, more often than not, to help those individuals. It is exceedingly unrealistic to imagine that continuity of life is solely dependable to another man's advantage. Life gratification of self can tumble to horrifying levels making it unfulfilling. This practice is a revolting burden on the individuals, a reprehensible infringement of their freedom to force them to bear an existence that they have sensibly considered unworthy (Thompson, 2014). Likewise, it is upon liberty regarding states to permit assisted suicide or deliberate extermination for those whose lives have turned into a nightmare.

In conclusion, the right to die requires more clarity. It requires not be a right to help with the termination of one's life. Instead, it needs just add up to the right not to be hindered from seeking assistance to take one's life. What is unbearable over such rights is the point that it could force on the individuals with ethical second thoughts concerning murder or euthanasia a commitment regardless to help other people die peacefully. In this manner, passing on privilege requires interpretation just as a right not to be kept from being helped by the individuals who will benefit.


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October 13, 2023




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