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The River

The river contains sparkling clean water flowing down a slope. Its bedding is made of stone surfaces with sandy banks.

Reflection and Plant Life

The reflection of the sky in the swift waters appears blue and the sun's rays bounce back with radiance all over the surrounding. The shallow ages have harbored beautiful lilies which have grown on still waters. The plants' shapes form gorgeous patterns merging into canopies. At the banks, weeds and indigenous trees have grown and spread out their uniform branches and leaves. The soil is fertile, and the vascular bundles function perfectly in ensuring that all nutrients are transferred up to the leaves efficiently. The trees are of different types, and some have wild fruits hanging down their branches. The clarity of the water reveals the life within it. That is the aquatic animals such as fish, insects and water plantations. The curves within the stones are refracted and appear bigger than their original sizes, seemingly reachable from the surface. The debris is deposited at the banks and some sparkle out like a pure diamond upon the reflection of the sunlight rays. The birds from the nearby trees seek food from beneath the waters. Their long beaks reach out to the floating water animals such as the sardines and insects. A few hippopotamuses also reside in the river together with reptiles such as the crocodiles. Their fierce appearance and hunting techniques scare away the dry land animals who drink waters from the same rivers. Some of them camouflage themselves in the riverbeds to catch their prey. On the other sides of the river banks, differently colored birds feed on the nectars of flowers blossoming due to the sufficient supply of water and sunlight.

The Sounds of the River

All these happen along with the production of diverse sounds. Loudly, the birds on the trees at the banks engage themselves in harmonious, pleasant melodies. Probably because of the joy from their sweet tastes of nectar, small animals, and the feeling of the sunlight on their feathery bodies. In the waters, the different animals produce different sounds. From the nearby undergrowth, the small animals scamper. The squirrels can be heard chattering from their hiding places as the bees and flies buzz along the gushing waters through the banks. The soils at the banks are moist enough to provide food for the worms as well as ample accommodation. The fish swim waveringly across the waters with their tiny fins splashing the waters. The snakes sneak their ways along the fish paths to feast on the delicious meals. As their paths clash, the burbling sound is produced as they swallow the fish wholly down their inevitable stomachs. The big animal waters murmur and finally roar as a sign of defense mechanism against any predators that may be hanging around. The crocodiles rumble as they reach out their prey which are big dry land animals who accidentally find their way to the beautiful river. The river waters gush strongly against the rocky base and the sandy banks as the debris is chuckled out of its fixed positions finding its way loosely in the waters with a rippling sound. Heavy rains fall as the thunders roar. The river gets overwhelmed and its banks burst open uncontrollably, producing air breaking noise. The frothing noise is heard as new and temporary deltas are formed a short distance from the main river.

The Smells of the River

The smell of the wet earth is felt even stronger after the heavy downpour. The small earthly animals creep their way out of the soil. The ever-wet river banks are algae scented due to the growth of the organism. Some fish find their way out of the stream and get exposed on the sand surfaces of the banks, resulting in a gushy fresh meat smell in the atmosphere. The smell can only be identified with a busy slaughterhouse. The secretes of the hippopotamus release out an unbearable pungent smell which is for the benefit of the surrounding healthy plants. The smell is rich in carbon dioxide gas which is inhaled by the plants. The rotting deadfall of the leaves of the trees at the banks and some in the waters can be smelt strongly as the grass reacts with water to release its smell. The smooth debris at the river beds fumigates the atmosphere with their phenomenon iron-like smell revealing the diversified mineral content in the stones. The general scent brings a feeling of cleanliness because the river is excluded from the busy fumes of human activities. No fuel can be smelt but the pure air of the natural atmosphere.

Experience of the River

The water is so cold to the extent of causing numbness. Its purity and cleanliness are thirst quenching. A fast glance of the water triggers up the thirst and a longing to quench it. However, the dead leaves cause a rotting sensation along the banks and also the change of color. Nevertheless, at the mixed water tastes acidic due to the mineral composition of the rotten leaves. However, some trees have their roots extending to the river causing the water to taste herbal due to their concentrated sap. The stones in the river bed are mineral-rich and contribute majorly to the earthly smell diffusing from the river. The lilies and flowers in the vegetation at the river bank release a sharp, pleasant smell like one of an expensive yet simple perfume. The tastes of the nectar are as sweet as honey. The buzzing bees gather together and make honeycombs draining with pure honey whose taste is sweeter than the nectar. A sip of it triggers a series of cell stimulations, causing an indescribable sugar rush.

The Characteristics of the River

The rocks have smooth surfaces causing a slipp ering effect. Their dark color causes them to absorb a lot of heat upon sunshine. This results in heating of the waters flowing and warming up the water. The velocity of the water increases during the rains because of increased volume. The contact between the waters and the rock causes a ticklish and caressing feeling with friction. The feeling is the same as the skin contacting the water surface. The gushing waters move with a lot of strength carrying along the leaves and branches of the overlaying trees down the stream. The shadows from the trees cause a chilling effect on the river sections beneath them. The temperatures of the river sections fluctuate at the shadows during sunshine. Furthermore, excessive wetting of the earth surfaces at the bank causes a very smooth feeling at the banks resulting in changes in shape. This phenomenal cooling triggers chills and freezing effects.

October 05, 2023

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