The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Product

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The Robot Maid

The robot maid is a new technological product that performs domestic chores such as mopping, vacuum cleaning, moving furniture, and even retrieves drinks from the fridge through its intricate-looking grabbing arm. The robot takes instruction from the human voice, and this makes it easy for use as long as it has been switched on.

Benefits and Cost-effectiveness

The product is multifunctional and has capabilities similar to human beings. As the robot moves around the house performing the functions it is instructed to do, it takes a lot of care to avoid breaking items in the house, and this makes it an efficient alternative to human maids (Cavallo, Aquilano, Bonaccorsi, Limosani, Manzi, Carrozza, & Dario, 2013, May). Additionally, the product is cost-effective because once it is purchased; it cannot be paid salaries like the human maids are paid wages.

Improving Intelligence

The product is expected to get better over time as more people purchase it, thereby enabling the connected robots to share information about the plethora of functions around the world. The robot is expected to be more intelligent as the number of people who purchase.

Sleek and Slim Design

The robot maid’s design, especially its Hardware, is focused on a sleek appearance, high movability, and low weight. For such a robot that frequently interacts with people, these are essential features in its design. The low weight of the product increases safety margins due to the low actuator power it needs. Furthermore, the low pressure makes it easier for single persons to carry it. The robot’s anthropomorphic and slim torso makes it have a sleek and pleasant appearance (Stückler et al., 2009). The product shall be 13 kilograms. The width of the product is defined as a slim torso, which enhances its appearance.

Brand Elements

The primary brand elements which affect this product include brand communication, brand differentiation, brand personality. The robot maid shall be marketed under the brand name RobotMaid. The name is suitable because it helps to explain the function of the product. The brand image shall be one that is cost-effective, efficient, and safe to use. The brand positioning shall be such that it is perceived as having a slim torso to attract bachelors and single individuals who find it hard to accomplish all house chores.

Packaging Plan

The packaging plan for the product shall involve the product labels and opening. The labeling shall be placed on its chest and shall include information such as power it consumes in watts per hour and other instructions as may be deemed necessary. Furthermore, the product shall be packed so that it is easy to open and close for examination purposes before purchases are made. Regarding durability, the product shall be packaged so that it can be handled from the time of its purchase until it reaches a homestead where it will be performing its functions.

Warranty and Repairs

The product shall contain a warranty of three years. If it is proven that the product failed on its own within the first three years, it shall be replaced with a new one. However, if the failure is due to personal negligence and failing to follow the manual, there shall be no replacement, but repairs shall be done at the shopper’s discretion.

Service Enhancement through Artificial Intelligence

A service related to the product is connecting it to a network of artificial intelligence, which enhances its performance on a daily basis and makes it better and better with each day.

Knowledge Sharing and Improving Intelligence

The function associated with the purchase of the robot maid is that, at the time of sale, it will be connected to a pool and network of artificial intelligence where it will interact and share information with other robots sold in other places. As they communicate, they will gain knowledge from each other about the different tasks they perform, and each new task to any robot will be stored in its memory, thereby making it more intelligent every day.

Intangible Service

The service is intangible in that the customers cannot see or even touch its software, which shall be replenished with new information to enhance the performance of their RobotMaid. The inseparability of the service will be realized by the fact that it will be hard to separate the consumption of the service from its product. As more information is fed into the robot through its artificial intelligence memory, so will be the consumption of enhanced performance and intelligence, and as such, it will be hard to separate it from the owner who will continuously be feeding it with new information. Heterogeneity of the service shall be comprehended by the fact that the intelligence of the product shall be improving from day to day and that it shall not remain in the same status due to the daily addition of information and thus knowledge. Perishability of the service shall be realized that additional information fed into the robot today shall become obsolete by time, and new information shall then be required to enable it to function correctly (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). Finally, intangibility shall be realized by the fact that the process of enhancing the performance of the product through artificial intelligence is not a physical process that can be touched but only is felt when the robot performs faster and more efficiently than previously.

Service Quality Evaluation

How the five elements of service quality will be evaluated include reliability, responsiveness, tangibility, assurance, and empathy. The service shall be assessed as reliable when it performs its function of enhancing the performance of robots dependably and accurately, and without making the robot start behaving abnormally and unexpectedly. Assurance of the service shall be evaluated by the fact that the providers of information that enhance the performance of the robots have extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence and when the customers have confidence and trust in the service. The service shall be evaluated as empathetic when the customers get personalized service, which makes their products perform their additional functions (Hair, Lamb, & McDaniel, 2018). The tangibility of the service shall be determined by establishing that the RobotMaid has a slim torque, which makes them adequate and enhances their appearances. Finally, the responsiveness of the facility shall be evaluated when the customer care agents promptly help the customers and give them the necessary information.

Distribution Channels

Place elements involved with the product

The RobotMaid shall be distributed through retail shops and wholesalers. Robot wholesalers shall be allowed to buy the product in bulk, where they shall be given discounts. Also, there shall be retail outlet shops where the products will be displayed for the customers to inspect and then make purchases.

Channel of Distribution

The channel that the products shall follow before it reaches the customer is illustrated in figure 1 below. The product shall move from the manufacturer to the wholesalers who shall then either decide to sell the product directly or sell to retailers before the consumers get.

Final Customer Distribution

The channel of distributing the RobotMaid to the final consumers


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