The Role of Communication in Operations Management

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Operations Management

Operations management is a vital function in a business environment. The management process entails functions such as organizing, planning, controlling, and coordinating resources towards successful production of goods and services. Besides goods and services, operational management looks into management of human resources, information and technology. In the process of making it happen, managers and employees in an organization are faced with many challenges. Effective communication is an issue that creates a rift between employees and managers. The subject on this paper looks into the issues and gives solution which can be implemented (Sanders, 2014).

Effective Communication and Leaders

Effective communication affects leaders in organization at any level of management. The operation manager is expected to communicate well not only with employees but also external stake holders of the organization. In many occasions, managers are faced with challenges either in passing the required information or processing feedback. Challenges range from oral, written, verbal and non-verbal communication. Poor communication may be caused by lack of adequate understanding of the organization's mission, vision and strategic goals. Managers may not also have an understanding on effective business strategies. Through communication the manager can either build or destroy employee relations. Trust issues, lack of authenticity come as a result of poor communication skills displayed by managers (Normore, 2016).

Effective Communication Strategies

Effective communication can be solved through effective collaboration towards developing a communication strategy. A team responsible for developing a communication strategy can be chosen. There has to be a clear guideline on who needs to access what, when and how. These guidelines are developed to ensure there is effective communication. An effective communication process needs to be designed to ensure there is consistency in delivery of information to employees. Strategies implemented are; e-mails, memos, sending notes, staff meetings, social media among others. Operational managers are expected to explain reasons behind certain decisions and changes in the organization. Communication leads to transparency and accountability (Wilson & Hill, 2013).

Written Policy for Effective Communication

Effective communication cannot be complete with a written policy. This ensures that the strategy developed is maintained and can be accounted for. For instance, a communication process cannot be complete without a feedback strategy. The policy helps in cementing the effectiveness of the communication process. Employees are able to provide feedback and ask questions on areas where operation management fails. Feedback is prove of effectiveness or in-effectiveness of business operations. Written policy is good for future reference and especially when amendments are required. A policy acts as guidelines for managers to ensure operations management runs smoothly. Future managers use the policy for guidelines and assimilation into the organization (Normore, 2016).

Benefits of Effective Communication

Operational management is no doubt important in an organization. Given the prevailing circumstances, without effective communication, the organization will not achieve its goals. This means that with effective communication, employees can be more productive and motivated to achieve their goals. Through effective communication, employee opinions and suggestions can be implemented in the productivity of the organization. Effective communication brings about teamwork which is needed in productivity. Through communication employees are able to share ideas that are useful to the organization. Communication reduces conflicts hence creating a good environment for growth. Communication increases trust and consistency in operations of an organization. Communication improves decision making procedures in the organization and providing consistency of operations. Communication improves organization culture where employee growth is enhanced and developed.


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