The Role of Nucleus in Leukemia

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Every organism has a basic complex material and compliment which make it a whole. In this regard, many organisms contain some complex materials referred to as cells which help in basic function in the body. These cells are made up of several structures which operate in them to ensure that the purpose of the cell is well acquainted as in relation to its function. In that, there are cytoplasm, nuclear and other cell components. On this topic, the main focus is the nucleus which is composed of several organelles which make it function as anticipated. These organs are adapted to perform certain functions in the nucleus which has many benefits to the cell regardless of many disorders which might affect it as will be updated below.

 The nucleus is the center most part of a cell. Every nucleus in many organisms mostly the eukaryotic organisms have various components which make it operate well. This includes the presence of the cell nuclei which has chromosomes composed of structures referred to as chromatin in an organism (Pollard, Carshaw, Lippincott & Johnson 2016).

  It contains chromatins which help in exchange of the two acids which allows for exchange and genetic balance of organism genotype. It has nuclear pores which allow the inlet and outlet of the molecules functioning with the nucleus. It does this by enabling the exchange of DNA and RNA between the cell and other cells in the body (Li et al.,2015). It's located at the outermost part of the nucleus to provide the link between the nucleus and another part of the cell. The nucleus comprises of nuclear plasma which enables and keeps the cell permeable and in liquid form. This enables easy movement of organelles with the nucleus to perform basic functions. It surrounds the whole nucleus and this enables the easy of the functionality of the nucleus and its structures. The nucleus helps in the production of protein synthesis by the formation of ribonucleic acid (Chaikeeratisak et al.,2017). This is produced in the nucleus which is the innermost part of the cell and thus allows for the formation of energy in the organism. It produces numerous ribosomes and located at the innermost part a state that is basically known for the production of proteins in the body of an organism (Pollard, Carshaw, Lippincott & Johnson 2016).

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the tissues that make blood. These include the lymphatic system and the bone marrow. The disorder commonly involves white blood cells. In the case of leukemia, the bone marrow generates white blood cells which are abnormal and don’t work properly. Leukemia takes place when some of the blood cells mutate in their DNA. The cell grows and splits very fast (Emile et al.,2016). While the normal healthy cells die, these cells continue to live. With time the cells crowd out the blood cells inside the bone marrow and which are healthy. As a result, to red blood cells, platelets and the white blood cells becoming fewer hence signs and symptoms of the disorder (Stanicka, Russel,Woolley & Cotter 2015). Leukemia relates to dysfunctional nuclear membrane components in that, the two proteins in the nucleus together with the complex membrane-spanning forms that they form combines with the lengths of DNA initiating key genes expression. The complexes of different proteins known as nucleoproteins form pores in the membrane. The Nuclear Pores Complexes have had regulatory impacts on the side of the DNA (Li et al.,2015).

The different components of the nucleus play a different role which helps then organelle in performing its work as expected. The cellular structure has been involved in diseases like leukemia which affects the performance of the nucleus and the entire cell.  Leukemia affects the body by affecting the balance of cells and their ability to perform their works in the body. The reduced number of white blood cells increases the chances for secondary infections. The small number of platelets results to repeated bruises and excessive bleeding as they normally help in blood clotting. Therefore there is much need to avoid the activities which may result to such diseases and which may include refraining from smoking among others.


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