The Role of the Nursing Department in the Organization

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The Mission Statement

The mission statement of our organization is striving to provide professional, quality and compassionate healthcare to the patients, community, and staff through continued improvement of quality and be fiscally responsible to the Andrews county citizens (Permian Regional Medical Center, 2017).

The Mission Statement of the Nursing Department

The mission statement of our nursing department is the provision of surgical services through the patient-oriented care. We involve families and patients in all the medical care aspects during hospitalization. We put the families and patients' needs first.

Similarities and Differences between the Organization and Nursing Department's Mission Statements

The mission statement of our department possesses some similarities with that of the organization. Both mission statements promote a nursing process, which emphasizes on high standards of quality. The statements also stress on the need to uphold professionalism and compassion throughout the medication process.

There are some differences between the organization and nursing department mission statements. The nursing department emphasizes the need to involve the families and patient in every nursing care aspect whereas the organization statement does not clarify the need for personalized patient care. The nursing department always seeks the consent of the family and patient before proceeding with any given medical procedure, which ensures the patient, and family is comfortable and collaborative with any given process being undertaken by the nurses.

My Role in Achieving the Mission

As a member of the nursing department, I must strive to play a role in the achievement of our mission or goals. I will uphold high standards and levels of professionalism at any given patient interaction and nursing care. I will also work collaboratively with other unit members to ensure there is effective implementation of personalized patient care in the entire unit.

I will additionally treat the patient, their families and my fellow staff members with courtesy, professional respect and consideration to ensure there is a conducive working environment that promotes patient oriented care (Permian Regional Medical Center, 2017). I will be innovative and creative when undertaking my duties and assignments hence try as much as possible to invent new ways of improving the patient care in our department.

I will also respect and value the opinions of the patients and other staff members and always be motivated while undertaking my duties. I will also be accountable for all the outcomes in our surgical unit. (UNC Medical Center, 2007).I will uphold high levels of integrity and honesty at all times when interacting with patients, families, staff and all the stakeholders and also when treating the patients to ensure there is confidentiality of the information concerning the patients(Genesis Healthcare, 2017). Integrity and honesty will help in achieving our departmental mission, as there will be no complaints by the patients regarding breach of confidentiality in any given aspect of the nursing process.

The Nursing Department's Organizational Structure

The nursing department has a centralized organizational structure where the senior members of management make the crucial decisions of the department (Kokemuller, 2017). The department policies are also developed or created by the top management. The nursing department is head by the head of the department who is assisted by the two deputies (Khan, 2017). The three officials are responsible for making all the decisions of our department concerning each aspect. They also draft the departmental policies to be undertaken by our department. The senior officials always address all the patient and staff complaints and issues thus leaving the juniors with no powers but only to implement what the top officials have ratified.


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October 13, 2023

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