The Second World War: conflict details

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The report reveals the parties and conflicts involved in the conflict. Since each battle has its own kind of wild violence, they are separately mentioned. In addition, any aspect of the Second World War, the weapons, and political figures are captured. For all World War II timelines, the document acts as a reminder.
Critique The paper is well documented and appropriately addressed to the readers by making the background of World War II very remarkable as well as relevant. Nonetheless, the paper has some issues. First, I am astonished about the use of citation. The manner in which intext citations are done in the paper does not show professionalism hence degrades the formatting standard of the paper. Secondly, I do not agree with the summary or rather conclusion of the context- if allied forces did not win the war, it would have lasted longer. May be or may be not given that the Axis forces as well especially Germany wanted to conquer the world in seven days which is a shorter period. Lastly, there are significant details that author is not mentioning, for instance, the issue of Zimmerman later that made the U.S to join the war on the side of allied forces. It, therefore, means that the conclusion put forward by this article does not adequately summarize major points and it can be impproved by adding some few paragraphs.
The article is positively fascinating; the research is very well conducted and appears to be of general relevance. However, a little change in the parts of introduction and body regarding particular wars as well as citation might make the document very convincing as well as significant paper. In particular, the writing, style, clarity, as well as arrangement of information, are indeed perfectly presented as the sources used offer detailed information.

October 20, 2021
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