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One of the most crucial difficulties faced by the world's most powerful firms and organizations is how to acquire and retain great personnel. As a result, organizations must engage new capabilities and recognize employee preferences in addition to adapting to the changing demographics of the twenty-first century, as facilitated by the consequences of globalization. "Personel Selection Based on Talent Management," Erdem Aksakal et al., Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 73 (2013): 68-72. Furthermore, while dealing with future competitors and attentively monitoring the growing technological advancements around the world, it is necessary to consider sourcing people from diverse ethical, cultural, national, racial, and other socially dissimilar backgrounds.  Indeed, multinational companies are at stake with matter talent selection. Employee selection and recruitment entails different processes like identification as well as soliciting workers to feel up vacancies in the organization or add up to the existing population for developmental agendas Julia Christensen and Hughes Evelina Rog, “Talent Management: A Strategy for Improving Employee Recruitment, Retention and Engagement within Hospitality Organizations,” International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 20, no. 7 (2008): 743–757.. New talent is very critical for an organization to ensure the coping with a rapidly growing and changing marketplaces as well as the need to efficiently meeting a firm`s both long and short term goals. As an essential component of this paper, thus, other than discussing the sources of securing top global talent for an organization and the strategic issues related to diversity of applicants, ethical practices, and cost effectiveness of recruiting there is need to outline the process of assessing external candidates by examining assessment strategies and associated legal implications.

There are a couple of platforms that form important sources of securing top global talent for an organization. Research-based data has revealed that great places of work created by employees are potential pools of highly talented employees. It has been revealed that fantastically talented persons would want to work at fanciful places. Furthermore, destinations that recognize employee welfare both in the work environment and even beyond into their personal success as well places with diverse culture harness talent with ease. Furthermore, areas with well-established communication channels as well as proactive working ethics leverage talented workers Ibid.. This is because everything expected of every individual stakeholder is well known from the go, and impending challenges are foreseeable so that solutions are sought even before the situation becomes substantially problematic. The structural framework of the organization as well plays a role in talent nurturing, as everybody knows what is anticipated from them, when, and where. Thirdly, persons who harness elements of developing meaningful relationships are very essential to consider while analyzing talent. One of the reasons this is important is because such individuals get personal and very thoughtful while creating relationships, hence getting relevant to specific issues and circumstances they deal with accordingly. Therefore, trust is a moral entity in personalities is very significant for establishing relationships, which as a result create room for the exploitation of talent among different stakeholders. Diversity is an essential element in human interactions and the general being globally Aksakal et al., “Personel Selection Based on Talent Management.”. Therefore, valuing people with different skills, professions, race, age, gender, beliefs, culture among other differences is important, and they come together to form a blend that owns a particular kind of breeding talent. This combination would result in marvelous outcomes in performance and complementation, hence nurturing talent from within an organization, tailored to meet particular challenges of the firm.

The strategic issues related to the diversity of applicants, ethical practices, and cost effectiveness of recruiting are very significant segments in talent selection process. The variety of candidates is very essential because experience, competence, professional diversity, as well as the expertise of different flare is combined to give a diverse and reliable workforce. Indeed, diversity makes the employee fraternity a complete and self-efficient army, which had many approaches in meeting the short and long-term goals of a company. Ethical practices, on the other hand, are the core foundations of every workplace Nancy R. Lockwood, “Talent Management: Driver for Organizational Success,” Relatório de Pesquisa 36 (2006): 1–11.. The moral values dictate what is held as right or morally wrong, hence offering a candid code of behavior that all parties have to embrace to achieve the set expectations. The economic conditions also come in a while considering the hiring of new talent as pertinent decision making as well attracts expenditure. The operational reason, the purpose of the vacancy for hire, and the financial cost should be analyzed first considered to whether the position could be inculcated into other functions of the present staff to avoid cost for the employer. All these efforts should be channeled toward minimizing expenditure Christensen and Rog, “Talent Management: A Strategy for Improving Employee Recruitment, Retention and Engagement within Hospitality Organizations.”.

The process of assessing external candidates is pertinent to examining assessment strategies and associated legal implications by the responsible task force. It should be recognized that there is competition for talent globally, and hence the need for an organization to developing adaptive strategies to make it in securing the best workforce possible. Use of technology is essential in this regard, as it creates an international arena, a medium for networking and linking up with top notch talents. Furthermore, diversity is important because it increases the probability of meeting unique, diverse, and competent personalities across the globe Aksakal et al., “Personel Selection Based on Talent Management.”. On the question of assessing external candidates, the responsible stakeholders ought to consider the competency, reliability, suitability, experience, as well as flexibility to meeting the applicable duties destined for the new employees. Furthermore, legal implications should be taken into consideration. Different countries have varying laws and regulations about hiring, hence the need to cope with the statutes to ensure a smooth recruitment process. Employment based on discrimination of any nature and such sensitive biases are illegal in most countries, among other aspects that should be keenly highlighted will conducting the process.


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April 26, 2023

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