The term LGBT stands for lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender

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The word LGBT stands for lesbian, homosexual, bisexual which transgender, and is often used to refer to non-Cissus or non-heterosexual rather than to those directly identified by such letters. An ally is a citizen who promotes minority communities such as LGBT; beliefs in equality for men and women, human rights and LGBT causes, and also challenges xenophobia, trans-phobia and bi-phobia (Fredriksen-Goldsen, 6). Studies on LGBT have started to grow in recent years; more people are interested in learning a lot about the population and how to treat it. The reason as to why I would participate in such a class is because I have ever seen a friend who was against such groups, but after attending the training, he came out confident about those people. Due to that, I would like to get the knowledge he acquired.
There exist expectations for every individual when participating in such a class and some of the things I would expect includes: sexuality and sexual identities and most important the actions needed to increase inclusivity and equitability in life at school and out. It is all about sex, gender identity, expression and the sexual orientation within the social and historical contexts. I would also expect to learn the terminologies used by such groups and the available ways of “coming out” as an LGBT person. Moreover, the challenges that these people face in school, homes and even in the community. I would be glad to examine my knowledge and beliefs about them through exploring my biases to help in developing empathy and thus begin to critique paradigm and vulnerable systems to LBGTQIA persons. It is true that I know very little about these groups, but I believe the training will inform me much about it and help me come out as a positive person.

Work cited
Fredriksen-Goldsen, Karen I. "The future of LGBT+ aging: A blueprint for action in services, policies, and research." Generations 40.2 (2016): 6-15.

July 24, 2021


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