The theme of oppression

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The Theme of Oppression in the Works of Hughes and Eliot

The subject of injustice has been a significant focus for both writers, Hughes and Eliot. They have explored this topic in-depth in a number of articles and other pieces of work, to the point that it has become a source of identity for both of them. They have also explained and shown it in a variety of ways, demonstrating their commitment to educating people about this issue and informing them that the act of oppression is far from over. It is also evident from all of their work that oppression is a common act that has existed among the people and continues to breed among the same people. It is therefore very true to say that Hughes and Eliot have concentrated and articulated the theme of oppression to the best of their knowledge.

Oppression in Langston Hughes' "As I grew Older"

Langston Hughes has shown this first in "As I grew Older" where the use of personification plus symbolism is highly utilized. The oppression that is talked about here is just through the use of authority or the application of power. In any case where one is able to identify oppression, it also stands out obvious that leadership and an aspect of authority is always key leading to this heinous act as such (Hughes, Pp. 2-5). This is a poem in which the narrator is able to describe a black girl who had a dream but again the dream kept on disappearing from her. She did not have sufficient freedom and factually she always keeps the dream alive of having her freedom go through as such. This author here is also hiding from oppression by hiding at the attic; this has been showcased by the author through the utmost use of personification and symbolism. The wall here in the poem is also shown in a symbolic manner as something which is blocking her dream; something that is actually impeding what she really wants in life from happening. It is not an easy part for all them, but again she has to cope by her internal drives which push her to try and pursue this dream in as much as each time she keeps on hitting the wall. It is very true for any sane person to agree to the fact that oppression is like a wall that impedes on someone's dream; a dream that one would like to pursue but again her interests are not being met completely (Hughes, Pp. 2-3). This is a wall that blocks anything that she would like to pursue and leaves her with no personal opinions about her own personal dreams as such.

The Role of Women in T.S Eliot's "The Waste Land"

T.S Eliot is also another author who has for a number of times faced criticism for his constant misogynistic treatment of ladies through his poetry. There are also a few who have been able to consider the role that he portrays women in supporting his poetic themes. The narrative that is played at "The Waste Land" indicates pure dominance by women; this is done both contemporarily and mythically; they have been able to illustrate the brutal relationship that exists between the two sides of gender in our society (Stearns & Lidia, Pp. 2-3). The said intense personal relationship is considered to be the same analogy just as the relation of the individual and the society; just as any other individual, women must also be able to make the decision to either speak in support of or against their oppressors or rather just keep silent or accept their circumstances. In this case, one must be able to understand the fact when they feel that they are much oppressed, they need to ensure that they stand up for themselves and not wait for someone to do it for them. One should not wait for someone else to do it for them but rather show their bravery by ensuring that they work so hard to the best of their knowledge to kick out any form of oppression that might be taking place as such. They should either stand up or keep quiet and stop complaining; there is no need for one to keep on complaining yet they do not stand up for the best that they think of (Stearns & Lidia, Pp. 3-5). Either options will again place the women at risk of more advanced subjugation; this way the scenography of this whole poems already acts as sufficient backdrop to a form of crippled social world that is well populated by individuals who are trying to see their voice being heard.

Oppression in Hughes' Poem

Oppression by Hughes is another serious poem that also looks to this thematic expression. In this poem, the party narrates not only a poem but also a lyric that has no character in it. The title of this same poem also offers an atmosphere that is intense already. The first stanza even in itself already places the idea of oppression in the right context where we see that people are in a position where there are no dreams which are not available and also no songs that are also available to the singers as well. He believes that if the world was free from oppression, then people would sing freely and dream freely, but again it is as a result of continuous oppression that the same people cannot do this but only when the oppressor unties the knots as such.

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