The Thesis of the Documentary

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Utilizing natural resources and preserving endangered species

Utilizing natural resources has proven to be difficult in many regions of the globe. This frequently creates a conundrum for people. They are forced to decide between using natural resources to satisfy their expanding needs and preserving endangered species.

Battles and difficulties of forest conservation

The battles and difficulties of forest conservation are shown in the first section of the movie. Historical records demonstrate how early advocates for conservation were portrayed. Leaders implement novel tactics to reduce the growing abuse of these resources. Historical figures like Leopold, Muir, and Pinchot promoted the need for protection. It was necessary to create effective mechanisms for conservation to work. The forestry service came up with policies and strategies to help in managing public lands and to quell catastrophic happenings. This documentary film is about environmental activists, historians, politicians, governmental and non-governmental organizations that have joined hands for the greater good of the natural resources.

Muir and Pinchot's impact on American Forests

Muir and Pinchot have shaped how the current forests in America look. Muir is known to have pushed for preservation whereas Pinchot preferred conservation. Pinchot's conservation philosophy turned many forests in the US into economic engines that in turn benefited many people. The two opinions brought about by these two have greatly helped in enhancing the productivity of public lands. Aldo Leopold contributed immensely to the conservation of wildlife. He is popularly known for the land ethic philosophy. This was inspired by his early appreciation and love for nature. This propelled him to pursue a degree in forestry, and through it, he contributed a lot to conservation and preservation of wildlife and forests.

Main aim of conservation groups

These groups speak in one voice; conservation. Their main aim is doing the greatest good of forest management, for the greatest number of people for the longest run.

Impact of the USDA on the nation and the forests

Why and How the USDA has impacted the Nation and the Forests

There some activities whether man-made or natural that cause massive destruction to the forests. The USDA has been trying to curb these activities to reduce the negative impact they have on the forests and the nation at large. This organization recognizes that forests are an integral part in influencing the global climate and hence conserving them is very important. Wildfires and infestations of the trees by the bark beetles are some of the major problems that the USDA encounters in its conservation efforts. In its forest management strategies, the USDA has aided in massive timber harvesting which has had a positive impact on the economy. Another reason why management is important is the improvement of biological diversity and maintaining the levels of carbon emitted from the forests. Wildfires are the greatest challenge that the USDA encounters in its management strategies. Through various initiatives, wildfires have seen a tremendous reduction. Moreover, the USDA has created various employment opportunities through the deployment of fire lookout and patrols. These people are charged with the task of conducting regular patrols and communicating in case of a wildfire.



The thesis about the Greater Good documentary has been outlined exhaustively in this paper. This documentary is more of the struggle between conserving and protecting natural resources amid unending pressure to satisfy the endless human needs. The USDA has put various mechanisms in place to impact the nation and the forests top of which is to curb wildfires.

June 19, 2023

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