The documentary on Terrorism

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Through the successful operations that occurred throughout the Afghanistan war, the documentary depicts the scene that followed Usama bin Laden's death. The kill/capture operation is then introduced to us as a U.S. military initiative. This poses the issue of how the documentary contributes to the effort to put an end to the conflicts in Afghanistan. The effort continues by noting the death or capture of more than 12,000 militants. The groups who were targeted in this documentary were the Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and with the success of the program, we see that in Taliban, the mid-level commanders were the majority of the targets. The Kill/Capture operations were so extensive that the night raids condescended to take over the lower-level insurgents.

Frontline directs us to the Khost province where they were thought to hold a moderate count of hidden or bunkered insurgents. The Journalist also reveals how the day-time raid went wrong through the wrong address. It is when we see the tribal government leader being subjected to a powerful search in his compound. However, the documentary diverts again to the critical inspection that was used by the U.S intelligence machine. The Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) on the other hand is seen to keep the Taliban group on the run however it is considered to be a short term strategy because the U.S have potentially had taken over Afghanistan people. This is seen to create an atmosphere of suspicion and aggression that worries the population because they sympathize with the Taliban. Eventually, there was a questionable reasoning that was reinforced because of the threatening and defector languages that came from a few disillusioned villagers.

The most confronting moments of the documentary was the interview with the journalists and the Taliban commanders. As real absolutists, these figures are also seen as fanatics and the worst being ruthless. This nature is proved from their threatening language used 'We will attack the U.S citizens and other nations. Jihad was born to stay and cannot be stopped.' They mostly phrased this from the textbook 'Jihadist 101' because of the subjections of the diminishing law. However, the returns are not mentioned, but the Taliban philosophy is also seen to be the true dimensional cause. The twenty-year-old commander as seen in the documentary is viewed to be very fluent in tagging the rote lines which made him ask what he should say instead.

My law career enabled me to understand the footage because the attack was seen to be surgical, selective and legitimate. The video showed how the Taliban planned their attack during the election period. My understanding became more familiar when there was the record of 12,000 militias who were deployed, but no one was familiar whether they were killed. In law, the evidence is very vital before a judgment is made therefore the figure would not have been mentioned if there was no kept record. The documentary is also a legal issue that made the Americans use the intelligence machine to gather more information from the tribal leader who was arrested. The information collected was purposed to be used as evidence to show how the Taliban group had planned to make an attack. Lastly, the phrases raised in the Jihadist 101 textbook was also evidenced enough to show the threats made by the Taliban commanders and how they had planned to start the Jihad war.


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