The Treaty Of Westphalia

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The treaty of Westphalia was a peace treaty that led to the stop of a devastating period in Europe. The calamity had led to massive deaths among the European people. The treaty is associated with the commencement of the modern international system.

Summary of The Treaty of Westphalia

The treaty advocated for universal peace and an enduring profound friendly relations between the Holy Roman Empire, France, and their allies. A pardon for all that was committed during the disastrous period would lead to an everlasting insensibility to the acts. Whoever continued to contemplate enmity and practice acts of war openly, privately, or in a manner that depicts discrimination would be dealt with in a manner that the states would deem fit.

A reciprocal friendship between the Christian king, the emperor, the states of empire as well as princes was to be observed. None of them was supposed to assist the enemies in both the present and future with money, soldiers, armory, or any other means. According to the CV section of the treaty, all allies would agree on the inference and the signing of an agreement of peace to make it officially valid, (Mock 1097). Ratification was aimed at giving specifications of how the states would act in terms of security, time, restitution, demobilization of soldiers, and the assurance of the fact that all issues that were agreed upon would be observed. All parties involved in the treaty were required to protect and defend the contents of every Article.


The treaty led to the beginning of the modern international relations and put a stop to the catastrophic occurrences in Europe. It led to peace among countries, non-interference with the states’ domestic issues, and the untouchability of borders.

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November 13, 2023


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