The United Nations Human Rights Council

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An intergovernmental body inside the United Nations System, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), is in charge of defending and advancing the human rights of all people everywhere. Additionally, it is in charge of submitting ideas to the UN member states. It has 47 seats, each of which is held for a period of three years by an elected member. Russia and Slovakia are the two Eastern European nations who were selected to fill the seat. Due to the diplomatic cost of Russia's conflict in Syria, Slovakia may prevail between the two. This brief policy intends to analyse the comparative merits of Slovakia and Russia as one of the two nominated countries to occupy the seat on the UNHCR. Moreover, the policy brief identifies one of the countries between the two that I believe is the best choice to fill in the position and why?

Summary of the results

It was found that the situation of Human rights in both countries gives reason to distrust their selection of becoming members of the UNHCR. Slovakia has been associated with discriminating the people of Roma where the power of education to the pupils of Roma have been denied and the use of police brutality to the individuals. It has been the topic of a race equality infringement by the European Commission. However, Slovakia managed to become a member of the UNHCR against Russia, and this provides an opportunity for its government to resolve all the issues concerning the Law on Police thus tiding up its record on human rights and thus creating a closer relationship with other governments.

On the other hand, Russia has been involved in the bombing of the Syrian cities in the eastern Aleppo ( Julian, 2006). Moreover, they played a role in supporting the Syrian government to launch air campaign in a military intercession with the help of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. This has led to killings of more than 9,364. Due to this reasons, Russia does not deserve to have a seat in the UNHCR.


In conclusion, Slovakia managed to get the seat since their government was able to give an assurance to the council for their preparedness to promote and protect human rights. On the other hand, Russia gathered less vote. This was a victory for the universal community since their loss helped in unleashing the message that any nation that violates the human rights has no place in the UNHCR.


To better deal with the issues of human rights, UNHCR should let every member country to start practicing human rights customs in their countries to protect and promote human rights all over the world.Moreover, candidates who violate the constitutional rights by illegally keeping the citizens for absurdity should not be accepted as members of the UNHCR.


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April 19, 2023


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