The Use of Aspirin in Emma Johnson

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Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that causes inflations as well as coronary artery disease (Goldring, 2009). Having known to cause over 40 percent deaths, the condition occurs when there is an increase of the CAD especially the myocardial infarction in rheumatoid arthritis because it contributes to the chronic system inflammation (Goldring, 2009). Based on Emma Johnson who is 76 years old, the use of aspirin was beneficial because it prevented primary and secondary coronary artery disease. Aspirin is a medicine that is known to inhibit strokes or heart attacks. Most attacks usually take place when the blood supply to the brain or the heart is blocked (Amory, 2012).

Precautions and contradiction of the use of Aspirin by Emma Johnson

The purpose of aspirin by Emma Johnson is useful, but there are specific risks known for using this type of medication. In normal circumstances, aspirin is usually combined with antiplatelet drugs like ticagrelor, clopidogrel, and clopidogrel (Gladding et al., 2010). When used for a while, the patient may have intolerance or aspirin allergy, gastrointestinal bleeding, ringing in the ears, and loss of hearing. In this case, Emma Johnson should withdraw from using aspirin because she experienced both ringings in the ear and dark tarry stools which were caused by blood.

The patient’s variables through drug therapy

One of the essential variables to be considered while assessing Emma Johnson is the therapeutic response to the use of aspirin to assist in the improvements of ulcers (presented by Emma as stomach pains), Hemophilia (dark tarry stools) and headaches (Goldring, 2009). As a result, the responses after treatment will be judged whether the drug is beneficial and desirable. It will also tell whether the results were unexpected, expected or had unintended consequences. Therefore what matters in the therapeutic effect is the nature of both the situation during therapy and the goals of the medication.

The aspects of core drug knowledge

One aspect that should be considered before prescribing drugs that may interact with the patient’s core variables is pharmacokinetics. This is a situation where there is change discovered in the human body with the presence of the drug. In most cases, it includes the process of how the human body absorbs it, distributed, metabolized and later excreted (Levy, 2016). With this, the chemical, biological and psychological changes should first be considered.

Nursing assessments that demonstrate the adverse effects and benefits of drug therapy

Before administering aspirin to Emma Johnson, the nursing assessments that should be conducted involve obtaining the complete health history of her like cardiac, allergies, biliary and gastrointestinal. When the patient reports the reduction in stomach pains, ringing in the ears and headaches, then the therapy is working (Hirsh et al., 2012). However, if there is immediate unresolved, rebound or untoward pain, blurred vision, persistent fever and change in color of the stool, then the deficiency is known to be drug-related and should be stopped immediately.

The nursing actions that maximize the therapeutic effects

One way of optimizing the use of aspirin in Emma Johnson includes food through his drug treatment and at least 6 oz of the minimum of fluids, and offering help to her usual activities due to swelling of the joints. Moreover, she should be added the non-steroids anti-inflammatory medicines which are usually taken with water shortly after meals (Hirsh et al., 2012). One way to minimize the adverse effects of aspirin to Emma Johnson is by reducing the dose from 1,950 mg PO tid to 1,000 mg PO tid to mitigate the rate headaches, stomach pains and ringing in her ears.

Teaching for Ms. Johnson in regards drug therapy

Emma Johnson should understand the therapeutic effect takes about four weeks to disappear (Baskin, 2012). She should, therefore, be cautious if she has to drive, avoid central nervous system depressant like smoking and continue with medication unless directed by the physician. She should also notify the nurses if the therapeutic response decreases.

Additional data for the determination of appropriate teaching

Emma Johnsons’ progress should be carefully monitored during the therapy and after the treatment. Vital signs like respiration, temperature and blood pressure should be documented. Moreover, her drowsiness should also be followed if the headache disappears (Goldring, 2009). Lastly, her hemoglobin, platelets, and hematocrit should be closely monitored for changes.


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