Thematic Sophistication of Passion in Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Silk Stocking

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The film “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking” written by Allan Cubitt and produced by Elinor Day indeed was one of the greatest work play arts which conclusively compelled with the notion curved by its characters’ depiction of mystery. This film broadly displays a thematic sophistication of passion as well as the responsibility which vehemently portrays the beauty of language that marks it as best fitted. Passion is brought out by visual cues which come about through different motions of the camera to create a heightened sense of emotion (Porter, 2012).

            The thematic sophistication of being passionate is well portrayed by both major and minor characters of the movie. For instance, Mr. Holmes from whom the film takes the name is an incredibly passionate detective who is governed by his work principles and responsibilities. Holmes is a well-suited guy who is more proficient from whom his counterpart doctor Watson depends on to solve diverse critical cases which demanded high intelligence. Mr. Holmes has an inbuilt passion for his work as a detective. A series of cases cross his path starting with the death of a young girl around sixteen years of age who is later found to be Lady Alice. The film uses classical paradigm to drive the logic of the protagonist finally winning the fight against sexual harassment through his intelligence and work passion. The Duke of Nabire seeks the help of Sherlock asking him to find the person who killed his daughter. The murder is quickly concluded as a cult, but the first seen of Lady Alice’s body by the detective changes the perspective of the death case to a confusing murder (Barsam & Monahan, 2015).

             Detective Sherlock mesmerizes all other characters by the techniques he uses to make his judgments which for shows his obsession and passion to find the real killer. Through his judgments and discretion during the investigations, he is led to surprising facts. He begins by looking at Lady Alice’s room from where he is led to through her window by his interesting instincts. Outside the room, he is captured by the troublesome scene. The moving camera creates a sensation of disorder. The scene displays a possibility of violence and struggles from the evidence found. All the success of Mr. Holmes displayed to the film viewers is enhanced by the elements of mise-en-scene analysis. For instance, the detective line of duty portrays that the density of information carried by the investigative images enables him to make correct moves towards finding the real killer (Patai & Spiers, 2017).

             Another death looms the air which strikes the detective attention. The death of Lady Georgina comes as a surprise to both Dr. Watson and detective Sherlock as it displays complete correspondence with the previous death encountered. The cinematic art of color symbolism is extensively endowed to display varied messages. During the burial ceremony, every person wears black attires which indicate the scene of sadness and grief.

            Also, the theme of passion is portrayed by the parents of the victims. Such is shown by their obsession to find out the main causes of their acquaintance's death. The parents of the victims do not have peace which drives them to seek Sherlock’s help. They cooperate with every measure that the detective directs such as answering all queries and promising Sherlock to do what it takes to find the killers (Prince, 2015).

            Passion is further displayed by the two identical twins that mimic each other and share both the best and the worst that life offers to them. The twins of whom both murder cases rest on provide risky assistance to each other while serving their king. From Holmes’ investigation, it is found out that the twin brothers took shifts in the workplace. Furthermore, one of the twins acted as an alibi by covering being places completely different from the murder scenes. The proprietor of both murders which are recorded in the film displays an extreme passion for the crimes he commits. This is displayed by detective Sherlock’s investigation which indicates that the murderer experienced great pleasure from his actions. Furthermore, when the guilty twin is caught, he confirms that the source of all his satisfaction is the torture he administers to his victims ((Patai & Spiers, 2017).

             Additionally, the thematic sophistication of being passionate is portrayed by Doctor Watson. Such is seen through the composure that he spares for his job, he can sacrifice most of his time for the better of finding the solutions to the looming murders. As it is displayed, he spends more time with his colleague detective Sherlock while following up on investigative riddles. Furthermore, Doctor Watson displays passion by the way he treats his wife. Regardless of being so deeply engrossed in his line of duty, he can spare quite a substantial amount of time with his wife. The passion drives him to marry his fiancée in the presence of his counterpart officially.

            The film employs the cinematic technique of close up shots. From these shots, the characters can present a language that paints the film in its nascent setting. It brings the medieval people’s lives in the story. Moreover, this technique makes for great defiance of time taking the viewer back in the time of the great King. Viewers are at once attracted to the story, and the enthusiasm it generates ensures they remain glued to the story in the movie. Such a cinematic technique creates pictures in the mind of the viewer, and they feel part of the story depicted by the film. For instance, viewers empathize with characters such as Lady Georgina’s older sister and her parents through the strong emotions and feelings evoked. The style dissects the movie in its simplest form and makes for a good view. The reference in the medieval times gives the film a serene picture of the past times. More so, it creates a beautiful, raw and intense world as it fits the times (Branigan et al., 2017).

            Also, the cinematic technique of long shots is well endorsed in the film which reflects the intended emotional distance. The natural world, as well as realism, is portrayed in parts of the film including the earlier culture which is legendarily outlined in a new literacy experience. Also, cinematic technique brings out the nature of weather experienced by the stipulated community. Through the style, the viewers can observe the fogy condition which has become part of the sophisticated community. It is through the environment fully clouded with fog that the serial suspect and killer can accomplish his odd moves. For instance, the obsessed twin smoothly abducts his victims without the consent of other people due to the looming fog. Also, the use of long short technique enables proficient capturing of the geographic nature of the community depicted. All the buildings, as well as the horse carriages, can be boldly displayed through the technique. This presents the film as completely well suited for its characters and its intended themes. Also, it is through the long-shots that loose frame is achieved which ensures that the characters of the film move freely and display valuable information to the viewers (Prince, 2015).

            The film also endorses the cinematic technique of medium shots. This technique is more informative as it usually presents the viewers with the much anticipated thematic information. For example, the stipulated film endorses the technique during the observations done by detective Sherlock. It is due to the style that the viewers can observe that the victims of the obsessed serial killer had clothes stuck in their mouths. Moreover, it is by a medium shot technique that some investigation evidence is displayed to the viewers. This evidence includes, Imagin is noted to be spared by his abductor because of the mark on his leg, and she screams on the view of the suspected criminal (Barsam & Monahan, 2015).

            In summary, the technique of using diverse shots has played a significant role regarding maintaining the interests of the audiences throughout the presentation by the introduction of frequent new views. More so, all the elements in the film scene have helped in shaping the fill notion from the acting environment, cinematic techniques and thematic techniques. The anonymous techniques have helped in curving the emotions intended by the characters both happy and sad. Furthermore, complete thematic sophistication has been achieved in the film because of the well-presented mystery and unpredictability element. For instance, complete suspense drawn on the film captures the viewer's attention and concerns about both their favorite and worst characters which rank the film as well suited (Porter, 2012).


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