Title of discussion: Emotional-Processing Theory.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a term used to describe psychological interventions that focus on how our thoughts interact with our emotions and behaviors. The foundation of CBT is the idea that emotions may be observed, managed, or even heightened via the use of reason and data.

Conclusions from Deidre's Chat

This article will describe some of the conclusions drawn from the chat between Deidre and the counselor. In the end, the posting will offer interventions to help people overcome anxiety and poor self-esteem as well as create confidence in themselves. The posting will further highlight some of the essential elements of CBT in relation to her particular illness utilizing the emotional processing theory.

Key Components of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

There are two key components involved in Cognitive behavior therapy: functional analysis and skills training. Under functional analysis, we endeavor to find out environments, backgrounds, and events that could have triggered Deidre's low self-esteem and the reason for her numerous bouts of panic attacks and anxiety. From the media part 2, it is clearly evident that Deidre's upbringing is probably the root cause of her problems. On the other hand, skill training can have demonstrated as a severely personalized regime for helping victims break off from damaging reactions, actions, and responses. In Deidre's case, we can adopt the emotional processing theory to help in solving her problems.

Emotional Processing Theory

Emotional processing theory is built on a combination of learning, cognitive and behavioral tendencies, whereby it is not uncommon for emotional experience to continuously affect an individual even after the experience is long gone. The re-experiencing of an event can trigger a pattern of denial and trauma as a result of information structures in an individual's memory.

Interventions for Modifying Memory Structure

This re-experiencing of events can be intervened through a process of modifying the memory structure. This is done by first developing a pathway to the memory of a specific event, this is done to reactivate the fear structure. The second step is helping an affected individual develop new information that does not align with the maladaptive information that was first registered. By helping Deidre register new information into her memory about family and loved ones she can overcome her anxiety and build her self-esteem and confidence.

April 13, 2023


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