A Review of Theories of Learning

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There are many theories of learning that describe how information is taken, processed and retained during the process of learning. Some of the learning theories are behaviorism, constructionist and cognitive information processing (Sallis, Owen, & Fisher, 2015). The principles that are used in learning include emphasizing timekeeping and relationships between the faculty and students, encourage on learning actively and communicating high expectations (Nies, & McEwen, 2015). Some of the health education models are the health belief model, the stages transtheoretical model, the social learning theory and the consumer information processing model.

One of the learning theories that I would use is the behaviorism. It deals with the behaviors that can be observed openly. Its theorists argue that new behavior is acquired through learning under the environmental conditions ("Healthy People 2020", 2018). I would use this method when conducting a study on the issue of hygiene on kindergarten children. This method is very useful as I would monitor their behavioral patterns like when eating, after visiting the toilet and the overall class hygiene. It is easy to monitor if they keep their class clean, wash their hands before and after eating and also after visiting the bathrooms (Taylor, 2017)

Discussions, active learning and case method are beneficial teaching strategies that I would use (Sallis, Owen, & Fisher, 2015). I would encourage active learning while in class, then mobilize small discussions that touch on the importance of observing hygiene. After this, the case method would be suitable as it enables the students to apply what they have learned in class in real life situations.


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October 13, 2023

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