ULM Identity and Access Management System

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Identity Governance and Administration systems are used to identify users and providing them with privileges and roles. The aim of the system in an organization is to ensure authentication, improve security, reduce costs, eliminate redundant tasks and increase productivity. With more users added to the network, there is a need for their activities to be monitored to prevent any threat that may occur in the organization. Sifers-Grayson continued dependence on social mores possess a threat to the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data in the organization. The best solution to the issue is to implement the use of an Identity Governance and Administration solution. Applying the software in the organization will help to change the culture and management processes in Sifers-Grayson.

I would recommend the organization to consider using ULM Identity and Access management system which is a product developed by UXP systems. The product is available, have good feature and capabilities that will fit into the security system of the organization. Communication will also improve between different departments thus ensuring processes become seamless. Failure to adopt an IGA system will continue to make the organization to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks which will pose a threat to sensitive data that is used and stored by Sifers-Grayson. Adopting to use ULM Identity and Access management system will solve one of the threat Sifers-Grayson is facing, therefore, access to the system, information and infrastructure will be better managed.

Features of ULM Identity and Access management system.

One feature of the product is that it has a social media extension. The feature allows new users to enroll and to communicate efficiently with other users. The second feature is that it has OAuth 2.0 which is used for authorization. Users requesting for services have first to be authorized by the system to access a particular service. The third feature is it allows organizations to access their cloud and legacy services. Another feature is that has Two-Factor authentication. It uses an OTP and Google authenticator to verify its users, therefore, providing an extra layer of security to its users and data (UXP Systems, 2017).

Capabilities of ULM Identity and Access management system.

One capability of ULM system is that it is easy to deploy and integrate with third-party APIs. The second capability is offer quality service and support to its users. UXP systems specialize in creating such products and multinational companies such as Vodafone and Rogers communication use the product (UXP Systems, 2017). The third capability is that it can be deployed in other parts of the world. As compared to different identity and administration systems in the market, ULM is cheaper and reliable. When Sifers-Grayson wants to expand to other areas, it can be easy to manage the tasks and users in those regions too.

Deficiencies of ULM Identity and Access management system.

ULM does not provide an analytics section where an organization can analyze various factors in the system and establish some of the significant risks it faces. As compared to other products, it does not offer a free trial for users. A free trial would have been handy in helping the user understand the importance of the system as they access them remotely.

Discussion of the product.

Sifers-Grayson adopting to use ULM Identity and Access management system will help the organization to achieve some of its security objectives. First, it will help to reduce the risks the organization is facing. The risks include espionage and theft of data. The product has OAuth 2.0 which is used for authorization thus any user who wants to use any service in the network will first have to be authenticated. Improving digital identity helps to eliminate computer security challenges organizations are facing today (2009). When the process of digital identity in the organization will grow, security will also improve since the system is used to protect, prevent and detect any anomalous activity in the system of the organization.

Secondly, the organization will increase resistance to attacks and threat it may be facing. One threat is an insider threat, and the company cannot continue to depend on social mores to guarantee security. Since the organization allows the BYOD policy, not implementing the system will continue to make the users and data to be vulnerable. Using Identity and Access management system provides convenience to the system administrators hence ensuring they focus on other essential aspects of security in the organization (Halperin, 2008). Thirdly, vulnerabilities in the organization will reduce. One of the most significant information security vulnerabilities are based human factors, and they hinder detection of cyber-attacks (Soomro, 2016). Using ULM Identity and Access management system, the activities of the users can be traced, and Sifers-Grayson can be able to establish the presence of an attack.


Increased cyber-attacks should prompt Sifers-Grayson to take the issue of access control and identity management seriously. I would recommend the organization to acquire ULM Identity and Access management system which is design and supported by UXP System. One of the benefits that the software will offer includes improving the efficiency of doing tasks. All the stakeholders will benefit from enhanced efficiency as tasks will take less time to be completed. Communication between different departments will highly be enhanced by the software leading to increased productivity. Redundant functions will also be identified by the use of ULM identity and access management system and eliminated hence the employees will be more productive in their tasks.

The second benefit is improving the security of data and system in the organization. When the system administrators can manage users and their activities, it will be easy to detect and prevent any malicious actions taking place in the system. The third benefit includes reducing the cost of performing tasks. The current paper-based process is tedious, and by implementing the new system, the organization will save on operational cost. The software is easy to integrate with the existing operations, and it is scalable hence it will allow the organization to add more features and technologies that will be used in future. Security should be a concern of Sifers-Grayson and dependence of social mores makes the organization vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Adopting to implement the ULM identity and access management system, Sifers-Grayson will ensure the three triads of security, i.e. confidentiality, integrity; availability will be achieved.


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September 11, 2023

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