Voting and Democracy

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Voting: A Crucial Exercise for Democracy

Voting is an essential exercise towards the democracy of a nation. It is only through voting that we can manage to bring change to the government and ensure the citizens get quality. Voting can either lead to long-term suffering on citizens when the wrong leaders ascend to power or beneficial when the right leaders with good policies had the opportunity to govern. Hence we as the citizens should be careful to understand what policies to support.

The Impact of Voting on Individuals and the Nation

At this point, it is worth to note that the outcome of the voting process may not only harm an individual but a nation in general. Voting is not a personal issue but the whole country at large. Each vote counts though not much, but together our elections have a significant outcome. The performance of the government is entirely influenced by how we vote. Our voting nature affects the political results result significantly (Domke et al. 52). Some political parties have bent policies which voters understand well, voting such parties would mean such systems will be implemented entirely on to the people. The only way out of this is better voting which could lead to better leadership.

The Power of Democracy and the Responsibility of Citizens

Democracy gives us the power to elect the best government which will commit to our needs. This huge role makes us approach voting differently. Some of us to think that voting idea are common sense. We tend to overthink about the voting ethics and try to remain conservative of the voting idea. We do not want to go against our common sense about voting. There are crucial facts about voting which all of us must agree on. First, all citizens should vote, and each vote counts in establishing the results. Second, it is a fact that there are better or bad candidates, faith voting is accepted since it is better to vote than to abstain. Lastly, it is very wrong to buy or sell a vote. Some of us support these ideas in parts we think favors us most while the majority believes they should vote as individual votes make a significant difference. In my view, citizens have no business to vote, but in case they do, it must be well by what is promoting their wellbeing. Selling or buying of votes is not bad so long as it does not affect the well-being of citizens.

The Right to Vote and Voting Right

In examining the right to vote against to vote right, I think it is more profitable when we vote right. Some people should be denied the right to vote because it is wrong to allow these people to vote when they are ignorant about politics. So when it is wrong for such a group of people to vote, then they should be stopped by the law. Generally, someone has the rights to do something; it does not directly mean that it is morally right to do it. This narrative contradicts itself though when one has been given the right to vote she should not be stopped from voting, and his vote must be counted without considering whether his choice was good or bad.

The Importance of the Right to Vote

It is essential to have the right to vote even though exercising such rights may not always be of value. Both the blacks and women should be given the equal opportunity to vote since they have become part of us (Goodin, Robert and Kevin 927). Political is justified against the inequalities. This is partly explained by how well political equality supports the common good to the citizens. The right to vote faces challenges especially when politicians starts playing dirty by offering monetary gifts to electorates trying to influence their decisions. In this situation, it becomes hard to decide on the right to vote or be materialistic. Having the rights taken from you is sad just like being denied from it.

The Role and Challenges of Democracy

Democracy refers to a free environment for decision making. In the political field, however, justice has been turned in a method of forcing people to do things they do plan doing. The government uses this to threaten the voters in making the vote at gun points. Democracy is a crucial tool for creating the lives of citizens better. People living in liberal and constitutional democratic leadership, have higher living standards, longer life expectancy, higher educational standards and life satisfaction among many. Democracy could mean empowering the people with what they need to make a clear decision. But people have failed to seek better living standards instead shackled by pressure, swayed by the desire to belong, sex urge among many evils. Too much democracy has led to us losing our decency. Some people consider strong political participation as a way of driving their life while others believe it as a way which hinders them from living their normal life.

The Influence of Informed and Misinformed Voters

Voters are not equal. Though they have equal voting strength, their contributions are not equal. Some are well informed about every candidate and their capabilities, sincerity, and policies while other voters are ignorant. The worst ones are those who are misinformed. Well informed voters form to keep track records and history of individual candidates and analyze their policies before they could make their decisions due to their understanding of economic and sociological environments. Others vote by moral values based on misinformed ideas for example in 2008 some Americans never voted Obama just because he is black.

Making Informed Decisions through Voting

There is crucial information one needs to have to vote wisely. Knowing what each candidate stands for in their policies is not enough to influence the voting pattern. However, understanding the outcome of each procedure is essential. Finally, in a proper democracy, every vote counts and should be important though in a real sense they are not. But these individual votes are essential in influencing the outcome of the quality government. In collection votes count but individually they do not. There are reasons to vote and not to vote though individuals should be encouraged to vote for what they believe to be just and good for them all. They should vote in a public-spirited manner but not a narrow self-interest. Any political agenda should champion the common good of the people. The citizens should be empowered with the desired knowledge to identify such facts to make good decisions.

Work cited

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August 21, 2023


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