Water Consumption in the State of Georgia

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The Advent of Increased Population Levels and the Strain on the Environment

The advent of the increase in the population levels on a global scale has brought about a strain on the environment. The issue here involves the pollution of both the environment and depletion of natural resources while developing countries in many parts of Asia and Africa seem to follow the same trend in a bid to remain competitive in this age of globalization (Mittal et al., 1). The demands on the environment due to population pressure put a significant strain on nature thus threatening the sustainability of life on earth. As such, the pressure on natural resources has become the norm with most non-renewable resources facing the threat of depletion due to the unchecked use and exploitation of natural resources.

The Strain on Water Resources and the Threat to Food Security

One such effect of the increase in the world population has been a strain on water resources globally thus threatening food security all over. The maximum threshold for consumption of freshwater is at a point where it might endanger the availability of freshwater globally. Due to rise in populations in most medium and highly fertile countries, the water consumption behavior has changed and further augmented by the challenge of climate change. As such, the projected situation is that the efforts at keeping water consumption at levels that suffice as sustainable seem a questionable move with each passing year.

Changes in Global Water Consumption Trends

A quadrupling in global population has led to changes in the water consumption trends globally in that with annual consumption of blue water rising by around 21 m3 cap‑1 yr‑1 over a ten year period from the 1990s to the 2000s (Kummu et al., 2). Increases in water consumption did not show a uniform trend in every place with the rates remaining somewhat stable in parts of Africa, South America, and the Middle East. On the other hand, there saw a marked increase in consumption in places like North America, but the west coast showed a decrease as compared to a rise in the east coast.

The Impact of Increased Population Levels on Water Resources in Georgia

The increase in population levels in the state of Georgia has the abundant water resources to thank with its constitution of around major fourteen river systems and some groundwater aquifers. As of now, the increase in population and industrialization has led to the biggest threat to its water resources, non- point source pollution (EPD's Draft Submission). As such, runoff from farms and urban centers pollute the water from chemicals and pesticides. With regards to the aspect of family planning in Statesboro, Georgia, there seems to exist a vibrant culture of family planning with the state having a website with family planning locations in every city and town in Georgia.

Water Conservation Efforts in Georgia

Also, the state of Georgia takes the aspect of water conservation seriously with the enacting of the Georgia Stewardship Act coming into effect on June 2, 2010. The legislation only allows for outdoor water use for planting, growing, managing, or sustaining ground cover between the hours of 4 pm to 10 am. Persons permitted to do this include those supplied by the water system as allowed by the Environmental Protection Division.

Intervention Strategies for Non-Point Source Pollution

To solve one of the most significant issues in the county with regards to non-point source pollution, one of the intervention strategies would involve advocating for the minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers to protect water sources. Another could include the planting of ground cover on lawns to reduce the erosion effect from urban runoff. Finally, one could encourage the residents of the state and county to purchase detergents that contain low amounts of phosphorus to prevent such discharges into lakes and rivers.

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October 05, 2023


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