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Essays on Water

The goods demand: Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans are struggling for water after being flooded by Hurricane Maria, increasing the demand for water among American citizens. CNN found, based on w...

Trans-boundary pollution

Pollution that occurs across national borders and beyond is referred to as trans-boundary pollution. It may also be the product of emissions for which no nat...

Water Pollution in Flint, Michigan

The water crisis afflicting Flint, Michigan, demonstrates not only the severity of environmental pollution, but also the enormous extent to which state corpo...

Water Conservation in California

California has been hit hard by a prolonged drought and a lack of water, with the former triggering the latter. In its most basic form, the deficit refers to...

Hiking at Nature

From a distance, the water flows gracefully, ordinary and seamlessly undisturbed. The quiet serenity from afar can give one the thought of a quiet atmosphere...

River Flooding Research

Statement 1
Refers to which river, A or B
Statement 2
Refers to which river, A or B
Explanation for answer
There is a dam across the river
There ...