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Exercise and nutrition significance on stress

Exercise decreases stress in two ways: it increases the development of neurohormones such as noradrenaline, which enhanc...

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About the calvin cycle

The Calvin cycle is a light-independent reaction that occurs during the photosynthesis process. It occurs as carbon diox...

281 views 7 pages ~ 1776 words
about thalassemia

Thalassemia is a hereditary blood disease in which the body produces an irregular hemoglobin type. The protein hemoglobi...

118 views 6 pages ~ 1539 words
Stirred Fermenters Oxygen Transfer

This research includes measuring the amount of oxygen needed by a plant known as P.pastoris. The procedure is carried ou...

208 views 2 pages ~ 536 words
about the carbon cycle

Carbon is a significant constituent of minerals and biological compounds." The carbon cycle explains how carbon moves by...

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the Coursework Questions Based on the Book

Leopold was explaining the process of burning the log. The term "sunlight" refers to the bright flames produced when woo...

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