Whale Facts and Information You May Not Have Thought Of

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There are many fascinating facts about whales, and it's not just about the big guys. Blue whales sing for days, toothed whales have teeth, and Gray whales suck amphipods from the ocean's bottom. But there's also an intriguing side to whales that you may not have thought of, including how they can be a threat to human civilization.

Blue whales sing for days

Blue whales are known for their remarkably beautiful singing, and researchers have been studying the songs of these whales for years. These whales sing at different times of the day and during different seasons. The songs are thought to convey different messages, including the desire to mate, youth, strength, and vitality.

Scientists have been studying the songs of blue whales for five years, using an underwater microphone positioned on the sea floor of Monterey Bay. They have discovered that blue whale songs follow a seasonal pattern, with daytime songs in summer and nighttime songs in fall and winter. Researchers hope that the recordings will shed more light on how blue whales sing.

Humpback whales are also known for their beautiful, complex songs. These songs last for up to 30 minutes and contain common themes. The notes can reach 186 decibels. Some whales will sing for days in a row.

Toothed whales have teeth

Toothed whales use echolocation to navigate and hunt for food. They use this ability to detect sound waves and process images of their surroundings. Echolocation is an important feature of toothed whales because it allows them to hear underwater objects and determine the size of prey. It is also believed that toothed whales can hear their prey while swimming or surface.

Toothed whales can be grouped into two suborders. One group contains all species of whale, dolphin, and porpoise, while another group is referred to as baleen whales. Although the two suborders are similar, toothed whales differ in their anatomy and function. Some toothed whales have a larger mouth than their baleen counterparts, and some have hundreds of teeth. However, unlike baleen whales, toothed whales don't use their molars to chew food. They use their mouths to breathe air through their nostrils, while others use their molars as a sensory organ for tasting water and smelling food.

Gray whale suckers suck amphipods from the bottom of the ocean

The gray whale uses its suckers to feed on amphipods at the ocean's bottom. These creatures live in the sediments of the ocean and can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. The fat they generate from eating these animals fuels their migration. They spend the winter months in the Baja Peninsula where they mate and give birth. Scientists have observed large areas of ocean floor excavated by gray whales. They also leave trails of mud behind.

While gray whales have a special diet that consists of amphipods, other marine animals are not exempt. The whales can also consume krill and mysid, which are small invertebrates that grow on the sea floor. These invertebrates are also high in lipid and are a favorite of gray whales.

Humpback whales nurse their young with their own milk

The young of humpback whales nurse from their mother's milk, which is rich in fat. They remain near the mother for the first year of their lives, growing to a size of eight or nine meters. During this time, the mother stays with her young and passes on the feeding lessons she has learned. The mother and calf are closely related, though it is unclear whether the two communicate.

The calving period is a crucial time for humpback whales. Many factors determine whether or not the mother nurses her young successfully. Scientists have recently released a video of a humpback whale nursing her calf. It shows the mother slowing down to accommodate her calf and the calf surfacing to breathe.

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