What Is Wool?

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Wool has many distinct characteristics that make it unique from other materials. The outer layer of the fiber is called the cuticle and is made up of many scales, which cling to one another and make it easy to spin into thread. The inner structure is called the cortex and consists of millions of cigar-shaped cortical cells. These cells determine the quality of the wool.

Wool is one of the oldest textiles known to mankind. It was one of the first fibres to be woven into cloth and spun into yarn. It is derived mostly from sheep, but is also produced by alpacas, camels, and goats. New Zealand, Australia, and China are among the top producers of wool. In America, the woollen industry began in the 1630s during colonial settlements and is now one of the largest textile industries in the world. Its ability to hold heat and bounce back makes it an excellent material for clothing.

The process of making wool begins with shearing sheep. The wool is then graded and sorted before it is scoured. This step removes dirt, grease, and dried sweat from the fibers. After the scouring process, the wool is plied through metal teeth and is spun into cloth. Once the wool is spun, it goes through the weaving process and the finishing process.

Wool is widely used in textile production because it takes dye well and is easy to work with. It also lends itself well to felting, making it ideal for making decorative accents and arts and crafts projects. The wool is usually harvested once a year, and the process involves washing the wool to remove impurities. The lanolin extracted from wool is widely used in the cosmetics industry.

Wool is stronger than silk, but loses about 25% of its strength when wet. The longer the fibre, the more dense and resilient it is. It is also highly elastic. It can be stretched by up to twenty to thirty percent before breaking. The fiber does not produce static, which makes it an ideal garment for long-term use.

Wool also acts as an insulator. It keeps the body warm during cold weather and cool in hot weather. Other materials tend to absorb heat when wet, making them uncomfortable for intense sports. In contrast, wool keeps the body warm and cool under extreme conditions, making it a great fabric for clothing. For this reason, wool is a good choice for both casual and formal wear. The wool is usually harvested once a year, and the process involves washing the wool to remove impurities. The lanolin extracted from wool is widely used in the cosmetics industry.

As time went on, the wool trade grew in importance in England, and many people developed herds of sheep. The wool from sheep was an important source of income for the English crown. The English and Flemish became highly skilled at raising sheep and processing it. The English would export raw wool to the Flemish, who would process it and sell it back to the English.

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