why american should be bought by everyone?

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There are several reasons to believe in American products. Anyone considering purchasing high-quality merchandise should look for products made in the United States. Efficiency is evident in the delivery of American goods and services. They are manufactured under the watchful eye of a government that sees consumers as an important stakeholder in the development of products. Buying American is beneficial to all Americans because it promotes the advancement of manufacturing and, as a result, provides jobs for future generations. American products are also manufactured in full accordance with environmental regulations, so purchasing American goods protects the environment. American goods are made with care, providing a rationale for the future and a safe working environment.

Most American goods are manufactured with care. Unlike other nations, America requires that every manufacturer ensures a safe working environment for the workers. Children are exempted from the working arena and the workers guaranteed safety (Eckhardt, Belk & Devinney, 2010). Buying American therefore raises the bar of quality working in the industrial scope across the globe. Most nations that provide an unsafe working environment for their industrial workers can thus raise their standards too. Buying American therefore provides a better working environment for industrial workers across the globe.

One would wonder why American goods are accepted across the globe. One reason is that American merchandises are made with strict conformity to environmental laws. American goods are manufactured in highly industrialized technologies. Environmental protection is at the heart of the American industrial scope (Stiglitz, 2013). Buying American helps the world to learn safe production of goods where the environment is protected. In this regard, one would be assured that if every other country learned from America, the world would be safer as the environment would be healthier. This will in return provide a safer environment that can be bequeathed to the future generations.

Many Americans assume that the United States is a superpower and hence find it not necessary to buy American. Most people, however, fail to recognize the great deficit that America owes the international community. By buying American, the American economy would rise drastically due to increased production (Nye, 2016). Most spheres of the economy would greatly improve and thereby offset the deficit that the United States owes the international community. It is therefore imperative that buying American provides a safer and highly economic America that is not highly in debt providing a reason to believe in America.

A sharp mind must believe in safety standards in the production arena. America provides such a high work standard for their employees. For instance, employees who work in industries are provided with safety clothing and a helmet. Industrial workers in many other countries are however not treated the same. Most workers in other countries are poorly treated, provided with unsafe working conditions and often paid poorly (Eckhardt, Belk & Devinney, 2010). Buying American, however, provides these countries with a chance to learn from America. As such, the world can be confident of a working environment where both the consumers and the workers are treated with caution and hence a healthier world.

American goods are produced in a carefully managed way unlike in most other countries. Buying American therefore ensures a fair treatment of workers, a clean environment, and an offset of the American trade deficit among others. American goods are also high-quality products made with fair consideration of both the workers and the consumers. It is, therefore, a worthwhile activity to buy American.


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December 08, 2022

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