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A Work Environment and Homan's Theory

A work environment is the physical site or location inside a corporation where tasks are accomplished. When employment is particularly mentioned, the concept of workplace must include physical locations or geographical contexts such as the office building and office layout. It may also include tertiary variables such as staff child care, appropriate parking, the provision of perks, and other benefits (Cleverismcom, 2014).

The Components of a Work Environment

The basic components or parts of a work environment, according to Homan's Theory, are activities, employee contact, and sentiments. It is widely considered that the concepts of motivation and cohesion are completely separate and irrevocably related. Staffs who are well-motivated will exhibit high levels of cohesion amongst themselves as it forms part of the work motivation. To evaluate work environment various companies, this paper in connection with Homan's Theory will discuss three companies which are listed on fortune 100 best companies to work for. These companies include Google, Wegmans Food Markets and Ultimate Software (Fortunecom, 2017).

Google Company: Embracing Homan's Theory Elements

Google Company has been rated as the best company that any employee would which to work for. The company has established one of the covetable work environments in the world and thus attracting many interests from potential employees internationally. Google Company has fully embraced all elements advocated by Homan's Theory which contribute to a positive work environment (Fortunecom, 2017).

Employee Benefits and Perks

First, Google Company has come up with amazing employee benefits and perks which ensure that employee's interaction with the company is fully controlled. For instance, the company has put in place motivational packages such as healthcare subsidy, insurance cover, vacation packages, child adoption assistance plan, free lunch and dinner, maternity benefits, and a maximum reimbursement of $5000 for any worker who has incurred any legal expense. Not only do the elements illustrated by Homan's Theory keep Google employees motivated but also promote their interaction especially owing to the fact that the company has a free meal for its staffs and thus making it easy for employees from different sections of the company to interact and share easily. Employees have sentiments like "safe and inclusive." (Cleverismcom, 2014).

Unique Office Layout

The company has also unique office layout which allows maximum employee interactions. For instance, it has causal areas where creative people can meet, generate ideas, and propel maximum creativity while ensuring that workers remain happy always. Furthermore, worker cohesion is enhanced with the company and among themselves as the management permits employees to design their workplace in a manner that will make them more productive, interactive and happy. Employees' views are also highly considered and discussed every Friday where top 20 frequently asked questions are answered. Staffs' work schedule is highly flexible as they can choose to come to work anytime alongside their pets. The company also has a lot of opportunities for funny for its workers as it allows staffs to even break from their routine schedule and come out to interact and have fun with others (Fortunecom, 2017).

Wegmans Food Markets: Promoting Motivation and Cohesion

The second company which has fully utilized Homan's Theory elements to motivate and enhance worker cohesion is Wegmans Food Markets. Workers at this company have termed the company's workplace as being loving and caring. In order to motivate its employees, the firm has come up with unique activities such as frequent worker promotion; staffs are given free cakes during their birthdays, and even being given free chocolate during hot winter (Fortunecom, 2017). Additionally, the company has totally reduced weekly workload for its workers and sometimes they just simply engage in telecommuting. Interaction is enhanced through sentiments like "feel like family" policy which ensures that personnel and managers interact basically similar to family members. Such aspects have enhanced employees' interaction, cohesion, and their motivation. The outcome has been the reason for the excellent performance by the company. Most employees have sentiments like, "there's a lot of love and caring." (Fortunecom, 2017).

Ultimate Software: Valuing Employees and Promoting Cohesion

Another company which has also embraced all aspects contained in the Homan's Theory is Ultimate Software. The company has different activities and interaction platforms which keep their employees motivated and interactive throughout and thus promoting cohesion amongst them. The staffs at the company have been highly valued as the most valuable assets. Workers are well motived through perks and other bonuses. In addition, the staffs enjoy top management support in many instances where they cannot execute their tasks effectively. The company has human resource software which ensures that employees' issues are quickly solved. Immediately new employees are hired by the company, they are offered a set of restricted share options in the firm. The issuance of shares ensures that staffs remain loyal to the company as they claim ownership in it. Such activities have improved relations between the management and staffs, and greatly contributed to cohesion among the workers. Generally, the work environment at Ultimate Software is well nurtured to promote cohesion among employees as in most instances; they are allowed to have free interaction sessions which help in building their contact. The work environment within the firm has made many of their staffs to work for the company for over 20 years as they enjoy the firm's work life which consists of love and care for each other. Employees share sentiments like "wonderful benefits, supportive management, and an amazing work environment." (Fortunecom, 2017).


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